Screwy Hoolie's One Percent Doctrine

With only 93 days left between today and the general elections in November, there's a new urgency to our efforts. For nearly six years, we've watched the Bush Republicans take this country skidding along a precipice of disaster: Iraq, Katrina, Debt, Deficit, Medicare, Anti-Choice, Corruption, Lying, Bigotry, Anti-Science, Pro-Oil, Spying, Torture. The list could go on and on.

But in 93 days America has a choice. Voters across North Carolina have a choice. But the Mighty Wurlitzer of the Republican Noise Machine is gearing up, as usual, to paint Democrats like Ned Lamont as "insurgents", to scare voters with cries of doom if they vote for Democrats, to ignore the central role Republicans like Robin Hayes and Charles Taylor have played in the failure of the Bush administration. Republicans want voters to stay the course and keep the can't-shoot-straight gang in power for another two years.

Imagine what will happen if Democrats don't retake Congress. It will be seen as another mandate for Bush's failed policies, allowing Republicans to keep accelerating their agenda. The next two years might bring us to war with Iran, war with Syria, war with North Korea, all under the guise of the misnamed War on Terra. The budgetary priorities will continue to be cutting taxes for the rich while drowning government services in Grover Norquist's bathtub.

Now, imagine what might happen if Democrats retake the House of Representatives. Imagine investigations into the Bush administration's lawbreaking. Imagine rebuilding relationships with international partners. Imagine health care for all Americans, increased minimum wage, and decreased poverty. Imagine environmental sanity, energy independence, and leading the world in scientific innovation. Imagine election reform that will restore confidence in our ballot boxes. All of these things are possible.

The elections are going to be close. There are many middle-of-the-road voters who will vote for whomever sweet talks them the most. There are many voters, disenfranchised by Republican dirty tricks, who will vote only if encouraged. The responsibility for winning this election does not fall to the DCCC, the DNC, MoveOn, CREW, or any other big organization. It falls to us. With the races so tight, and the stakes so high, it would be irresponsible to do nothing.

This brings us to Screwy Hoolie's One Percent Doctrine. Between now and November's election, are you willing to dedicate 1% of your life to getting this country on the right track? There are 168 hours in a week. One percent of this is 100 minutes. Are you willing to give 100 minutes per week to work for the possibilities listed above, or will you do less and watch the efforts of the Republicans win the day?

Your one percent might be the difference between winning and losing, between a Frist/Hastert agenda and a Reid/Pelosi agenda. At least 100 minutes a week of phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, sign posting, letters to the editor, calling friends and neighbors, or whatever other creative avenue you can manifest will push us that much closer to a radical reversal in American politics.

At least one percent of your life for the next 93 days. That's the challenge to all you Hooligans, Kossacks, and BlueNCers. Contact the campaigns in your districts and say, "I want to give you 100 minutes a week. What do you want me to do?"

Your effort is what will turn this election. Your one percent may be the tipping point. Our willingness to work can trump the noise machine, and our dedication from here 'til November can make believers of the disenfranchised.

Thanks for reading this far. Tell me what you think and what you plan to do. Leave links to your candidate(s) in the comments.


OK, Rest of the world & Blue NCers.......

Like my Drill Sgt. used to say, Outta the rack and on the floor. I agree 100% with what Screwys written here. People, wake up! It is up to us to make this happen!

Some ideas of actions

here in addition to contact your local campaigns.

Also, giving money is always a good idea, of course.