Scott Cooper running strong

One campaign I've been following closely is the Cooper-Holding Congressional race in NC2. Lots of people think Holding is one of the most vulnerable members of the US House, including me. That's why I've been supporting Scott Cooper since I first heard he's running. The fact that we both graduated from the US Naval Academy is just icing on the cake.

Here's some campaign material I got from Scott this morning. Give it a look, and help if you can:

After graduating from the Naval Academy in 1993, Scott spent 20 years in the Marines, serving as a Naval Flight Officer in the EA-6B aircraft. He deployed five times to Iraq, twice to Afghanistan and once to the Far East. After retirement, Scott joined Human Rights First where he founded Veterans for American Ideals a grass-roots, community based group of veterans aiming to leverage military voices to bridge divides and regain a shared sense of national community. Many of their efforts supported refugees and asylum seekers, especially the interpreters and translators that served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Scott likes to say that he didn't aspire to politics but that we don't have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines: democracy is a team sport. We're at an inflection point as a nation, and he's committed to helping Americans begin to respect each other again. Voters are eager for a candidate who can rise above partisan politics, and Scott's story of service -- both in the Marine Corps for 20 years and in the nonprofit sector -- should connect with citizens of all political backgrounds.

NC-2 was named as one of “Cook Political Report’s” most vulnerable Republican seats for the 2020 cycle. The DCCC has identified NC-2 as a targeted race because it is one that we can and will win. Scott has already been endorsed by VoteVets and anticipates further endorsements as the campaign continues.

There's more, if you're interested. Just click here.



My bias toward veterans

I confess to having a soft spot for Democratic men and women who have served in the armed forces. They generally stand in sharp contrast with people like most of our Congressional delegation ... Tillis and Burr in particular.

Not every veteran can get my support ... many are flat-out jerks and bigots. I met plenty of them during my nine years in the Navy and I learned to distinguish people who think from people who drink Orange koolaid. Scott Cooper is clearly a thinker. The people of NC2 will be lucky to have him.

Yeah, I'm the same way

I'm a big proponent of (personal) integrity, something our political system is in dire need of. Except in a few isolated cases, you can't get anywhere in the military without it. Especially in the Commissioned Officer ranks, but enlisted troops won't get very far without it either.

But another big reason I support Dem veterans is because the GOP has created the false narrative that they are the party that supports veterans, but they screw us every chance they get. The best way to break that narrative is for Dem veterans to run for office (whether they win or not), and maybe voters will start taking a closer look at those flag-waving chicken-hawks.