Scared Taylor Begins Smear Campaign

Charles Taylor has started the air war, firing rhetorical rockets in an aggressive first strike. Behind in four different polls and dogged by scandal, Charles Taylor has turned to some old chestnuts in his low-brow attacks on Democratic candidate Heath Shuler. After getting word that the National Republican Congressional Committee is going to spend $700,000 on NC-11 television in October, Taylor dropped about $20,000 buying a day's worth of advertising that sticks to the old Taylor playbook. Attack, smear, distort, distract, misdirect. I guess he's saving the outright lies for later in the campaign:

"Heath Shuler's taking money by the truckload. From Washington liberals, from trial lawyers, from party extremists and big labor leaders."

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Taylor, who's taken money from Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, the pro-CAFTA US Chamber of Commerce, casino gambling interests, and Big Oil, is desperately trying to turn Shuler into a liberal in the eyes of the voters while distracting from his laundry list of ethical problems.

Call Charles Taylor's office today to ask why he's taking money from convicted felons, CAFTA supporters, and other fatcats. Write a letter to the editor asking the same things. Ask him why he chooses to attack and smear rather than run on the issues facing our district.

This is only the first salvo from Taylor. It's only to get uglier and further from the truth. Let Taylor and the media know that you see through Taylor's pattern of smear tactics. While the Shuler team will surely have a rapid response to this unprovoked first strike, it's up to the rest of us to write letters, volunteer to phone bank, and dog the Taylor camp.

Taylor's number (828) 251-1988. Ask to speak to Deborah Potter or someone in the Washington office.

See the whole ad here. Thanks syntax.

Volunteer to help the Shuler campaign.
Donate to help Heath fight back. If we don't support him, Taylor wins.
Write a Letter to the AC-T.

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Lil' Debbie

got some face time with the Puppets at the Carolina Journal today.

Looks like a story that's dangerously close to involvement in a political campaign. And I sure would hate to see the Puppetshow lose its tax-exempt "educational" status.

More than one Taylor ad

There's actually two ads being run today. The second, not featured here yet, asserts that Shuler was twice purged from voter rolls and had to re-register.

I thought Taylor would wait until October to trot out utter falsehoods, but he's too scared to wait. He's going to get his lies out ASAP.

Scrutiny Hooligans -


can anyone w/the necessary equipment catch the second ad? i don't think i'll have time between work & dl tonight...

I called Taylor's office

and politely gave 'em hell! They were very polite in return. I read the quote about Shuler receiving truckloads of money from Washington liberals...and asked 'em to name one. They couldn't. Made some guesses. Suggested that even if if is true...and so what if it is...that it ($$) wasn't coming from now convicted felon's like Abramoff. Sputter...sputter.

Stan Bozarth


see, i didnt even know that was a lie. Thanks for clearing it up.

You dont spend that much money and then have your office people not know what the ad refers to. idiots.

ps- which office did you call? (is his campaign hq diff from his local legislative office? did you call his home or washington office?)

Lyndon Helton for NC Senate

"Keep the Faith"

Good for you Stan

Love it when they sputter, sputter! To bad they are not REQUIRED to tell the truth in their ads!