Say it so the folks in back can hear: One-Term Tillis


You wanted us to divide and conquer? Asked and answered:

In North Carolina, Senator Thom Tillis saw another devastating poll from a high-quality pollster. CBS News finds him trailing Cal Cunningham by ten points. At this point in the race, most voters know a lot about both candidates and closing a gap that wide in five weeks will be difficult. He will need Cunningham to stumble to make up the difference and Cunningham has not made many mistakes after a year of campaigning.

But what may be the worst news for Tillis is what is happening in other states. Outside money bolstering Tillis will soon be diverted to those states if his numbers don’t improve and races in those other states stay competitive. Expect the GOP to pull the plug on Tillis if the national environment or his numbers don’t improve in the next week or two.

Keep in mind, the Trump campaign is apparently down to eating its seed corn, and you know that bastard will scoop up as many dollars as he can, with zero concern for downballot races. And before you scold me for leaning on polls (which would be valid), we desperately need some good news in this current hellscape.



Sorry about that picture...

Looks like he's about to take a bite out of a burrito. Poor little thing is probably scarred for life over that gaping maw...

I have a confession to make.

It probably reveals more about me than Two-Faced Tillis, but here we go: I hold him at least partially responsible for Kay Hagan's illness and death. If she had won that election, I believe it's highly unlikely she would have been hiking that day she was bitten by a tick.

I probably spend way too much time reading (and watching) science fiction, but it's pretty much understood that traveling back in time poses paradox issues. Change something small, and there's still a possible ripple effect. Change something big, and that increases. Had Kay returned for a second term, she would likely have been given additional (or more time-consuming) Committee assignments, making her Thanksgiving "break" in 2016 less flexible. And much less likely to be "unreachable" by phone. They didn't start working hard to bring cell towers to the Parkway until last year, and it's still a work in progress.

As of 2018, there was only one case of Powasson virus in Virginia, and one case in North Carolina. Not sure which one is Kay, but one of them is.

Blaming Tillis is somewhere between irrational and hyperbolic, but I can't shake the feeling.