Say it ain't so, Joe: Biden's inclusion of Nat Gas in energy platform under fire

Dipping his toes into tainted waters:

The hair-trigger criticism of Biden's climate plan, which has yet to be released, underscores the tension emerging between the left and centrist wings of the Democratic Party over the climate issue.

The report, from Reuters, said Biden will seek to rejoin the Paris climate accord and reinstall emissions-reducing regulations that President Trump is trying to throw out. But Biden would also, according to the report, be “supportive of nuclear energy and fossil fuel options like natural gas and carbon capture technology" in an effort to buffer negative impact on working-class folks.

Dog save us from politicians who don't pay attention to what's going on around them. Natural gas doesn't just appear magically, it's fracked out of the ground, contaminating millions of gallons of drinking water in the process. And during the transportation of gas from the well site to the power plant, fugitive emissions of methane contribute greatly to the atmospheric greenhouse effect. As far as carbon capture is concerned, that might as well be a unicorn itself. The amount of money it would take to develop the technology, not just for capture but also for sequestration, would be much better spent on genuine renewables. Also, I'm not sure Biden understands how this message will be digested:

Biden sought to tamp down the criticism by reminding voters on Twitter that he introduced climate legislation back in the 1980s as a member of the Senate.

“What I fought for in 1986 is more important than ever — climate change is an existential threat,” Biden said. “Now. Today.” He added that he will release specifics on his climate plan “in the coming weeks.”

Indeed, Biden's legislation called on the United States to set up a task force to plan for the mitigatation of global warming. A version of the bill, first introdcued in 1986, eventually did become law with Ronald Reagan's signature, according to PolitiFact.

That merely demonstrates the lack of effectiveness of said bill, since we are waist deep in climate change at this very moment. He might as well have said, "Trust me to fix this problem I wasn't able to fix for the last 3-4 decades."

His plan will be released very soon, and hopefully the pushback he's been receiving will alter that plan.



It may not seem like it,

but I really don't want to jump into this Presidential Primary. But I'm also not going sit idle while any of the 2020 hopefuls give a thumb's-up to fracked gas.