Forced Taking of Municipal Water Systems.

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Thanks for joining thousands of your fellow North Carolinians in saying that the State has no business taking the assets, especially the water systems, from cities or towns. We believe the Legislators contemplating this radical seizure are beginning to get the message.

If you want to take it a step further, there is something else you can do. The NC League of Municipalitites is asking City and Town Councils to adopt their Resolution Opposing the Forced Taking of Municipal Water Systems. Please consider contacting your local elected officials, and ask them to put the Resolution on their agenda, and pass it as soon as possible. The NCGA comes into session soon, and we expect there to be a bill introduced early, to initiate the unprecedented seizure of a municipal water system by the State. Once this precedent has been set, it could signal an open season on local control of resources.

We can head this off if our Representatives, Senators, and Governor all realize that the citizens and local governments of North Carolina are opposed to this radical intrusion into our lives.

Again, contact your local City or Town Council, and ask them to adopt the League of Muncipalities Resolution.

If you want to learn more, or find out how else you can help, go to our website.