Saturday News: Proud Boy Blues


NC HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME CANCELLED OVER MAGA RALLY: Ahead of a planned rally to support a cheerleading team on probation over a pro-Trump photo, a North Carolina high school has canceled its Friday night football game due to security concerns. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association previously placed the cheerleaders on probation over a picture that was taken of them in uniform with a Trump 2020 banner during a football game. Some community members, who feared the teens’ First Amendment rights were being infringed, had planned to wave a large flag with supporters before the game Friday. The district said it canceled the North Stanly High School football game because “Stanly County Schools has been notified of additional information that could compromise safety measures our schools have in place for sporting events.”

GOVERNOR COOPER VETOES REGULATORY REFORM BILL: Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a wide-ranging regulatory reform bill Friday, saying it would allow trash cans in hallways, posing a fire safety risk. "Provisions in the legislation allowing trash receptacles in exit corridors could pose a fire safety risk for residents and emergency responders. Also, this legislation could allow septic system permits to be issued that circumvent state septic system rules which can hurt public health and threaten clean water. Both of these provisions threaten public health and safety. Therefore, I veto the bill." The governor has vetoed 37 bills since taking office in January 2017, and lawmakers have overridden 23 of them.

TRUMP ADMIN WANTS TO SEND ASYLUM SEEKERS TO THE MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRY IN CENTRAL AMERICA: Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan and El Salvador’s foreign minister, Alexandra Hill Tinoco, signed the “cooperative asylum agreement” in a live-streamed press conference. They lauded the two countries for working together to stem migration to the U.S. but provided few details about when the agreement takes effect, who is affected and how. Instead, McAleenan, who called the agreement “a big step forward,” and Hill Tinoco discussed U.S. assistance in making El Salvador a safer and more prosperous place for its citizens. Hill Tinoco talked about ending gang violence. “I mean, those individuals threaten people, those individuals kill people, those individuals request for the poorest and most vulnerable population to pay just to cross the street,” she said, adding that her country needs more investment from the U.S. and other nations. The agreement, first reported by The Associated Press, could lead to migrants from third countries obtaining refuge in El Salvador even though many Salvadorans are fleeing their nation and seeking asylum in the United States. A Salvadoran delegation has been in the U.S. this week to discuss the matter.

AFTER CUTTING OFF AID TO THE COUNTRY, TRUMP ASKED UKRAINE TO INVESTIGATE JOE BIDEN'S SON: President Trump pressed the Ukrainian president in a July call to investigate former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son, according to a person familiar with the conversation, an apparently blatant mixture of foreign policy with his 2020 re-election campaign. Mr. Trump also repeatedly told the Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, to talk with his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, who had been urging the government in Kiev to investigate Mr. Biden and his family, according to two other people briefed on the call. For Democrats who want to examine the whistle-blower complaint — itself the subject of an internal administration dispute over whether to hand it over to Congress, as is generally required by law — the key question is whether Mr. Trump was demanding a quid pro quo, explicitly or implicitly. Democratic House committee chairmen are already investigating whether he manipulated American foreign policy for personal political advantage and have requested the transcript of the Zelensky call. Any attempt by Mr. Trump to ask a foreign power to “dig up dirt” on a political rival while withholding aid is corrupt, said Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, one of the panels examining Mr. Trump’s Ukraine dealings.

MORE U.S. TROOPS HEADED TO SAUDI ARABIA AFTER REFINERY ATTACK: Dunford said the military will determine the exact composition of the new forces, the second time in recent months that the United States has boosted troops in the region in response to Iranian actions. The Sept. 14 attack by drones and cruise missiles against two Saudi oil installations appeared to circumvent Saudi defenses, including six battalions of U.S. Patriot missile defense systems. Esper said it was clear that the weapons used in the attack “were Iranian-produced and were not launched from Yemen,” as Iranian-backed Houthi rebels there initially asserted. “All indications are that Iran was responsible,” he said. Iran has denied responsibility. Asked whether further, offensive action was contemplated, Esper demurred, saying, “This is the first step we’re taking.” U.S. military officials, concerned that the situation has the potential to escalate, said they were seeking to ensure the response took a diplomatic path or at least paired any military actions with diplomacy.



Proud Boy lies...

Normalizing White Supremacy pisses me off:

Proud Boys, a group only for men, operates under the basic tenet of “western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world,” according to its website.

“The Proud Boys confuse the media because the group is anti-SJW without being alt right,” the website states. “‘Western chauvinist’ includes all races, religions and sexual preferences.”

Onitreb had said previously there would be designated security guards at the rally. But he wasn’t sure if counter protests were expected.

Safety is his number one priority — political discourse without physical violence, he said.

“I don’t expect any of that and I’m not looking for that and nobody in my group will be looking for that,” he said.

I'll let Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance answer that violence question:

“As violent extremism rises in America, a Manhattan jury has declared in one voice that New Yorkers will not tolerate mob violence in our own backyard,” Vance said in a statement. “These defendants transformed a quiet, residential street into the site of a battle-royale, kicking and beating four individuals in a brutal act of political violence. I commend my office’s prosecutors and investigators for their diligence in tracking these defendants down, and I thank the NYPD for their partnership in holding them accountable.”