Sanford-Hunt Legacy Drives Future of Tar Heel Democrats

Sanford-Hunt Legacy Drives the Future of Tar Heel Democrats
By Wayne Goodwin, 26 Aug 2007

The State Executive Committee meeting yesterday in Greensboro was, once again, a celebration of what the North Carolina Democratic Party is about.

In addition to considering each of the recommended resolutions and action items (passing some, referring others back to committee, opposing others), Democrats from all across the Tar Heel State made much from their pilgrimage to Guilford County.

There we gathered, organized, rejoiced, reflected, and inspired.

We shared how our religious faith and values guide us in doing what we believe is right for North Carolina.

We learned about the growing intricacies of election laws, and witnessed what is driving our various candidates for 2008 to offer themselves up for public service.

And - as at last year’s Sanford-Hunt gala - many Democrats hoped to hear Governor Jim Hunt proclaim that he, once again, would be a candidate.

Alas, that last part was not meant to be.

Governor Hunt – personally and through the legacy of his leadership in education and emerging issues - has mentored a growing farm team for our State’s Democrats. Both that Hunt farm team and its accomplishments will expand as its candidates successfully seek the Governor’s Mansion and other Council of State positions next year, not to mention U.S. Senate and Congress, and inspire yet more folks to walk firmly in the footsteps of great leaders such as Terry Sanford.

Yes, our political party has many accomplishments of
which to be proud.

Those achievements will replicate as the Sanford-Hunt farm team continues to step up to the plate.

And, the home runs we Democrats will hit will far outlast those of Barry Bonds.

Truly, our best years are still to come.

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Thanks, Wayne.

Knowing about the Sanford-Hunt farm team inspires and encourages!

You guys did well Wayne...

We are reminded of who we are, where we are going and of those icons like Gov. Hunt Terry Sanford who have done so much to get us where we are today.

Democrats in North Carolina have good reason to stand and be counted.

Our best years are yet before us.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

I was there. Yeah!! I am proud to play on the same team as Terry

Sanford and Jim Hunt, of course in a much smaller way.
The Jackson part of the Jefferson-Jackson homage could stand to be rethought IMHO. JJ has a nice ring ro it, but AJ was a first class jerk.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?