S117 The Lane Evan Act

Over at the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America website there is information on a bill introduced by Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Barack Obama (D-IL) which will establish manadatory mental health screenings for veterans returning from Iraq/Afghanistan.

It's a start. If you'd like to see the bill go here.

As this is a Senate bill (I have not seen a similar bill coming in from the House, but I guess it can't hurt to call them up to have them submit that bill as well) here are the telephone numbers for Dole and Burr:

Elizabeth Dole: 202-224-6342
Richard Burr: 202-224-3154
(NOTE: I know we are the "online community", but when a lot of people call in and express their opinion, it makes a more of an impact, but emails are also welcomed I'm sure)

I know this does not address the deplorable conditions we read about at Walter Reed (which has mysteriously disappeared from the MSNBC website). I guess the Main Stream Stenographers have to get their talking points in order. Let's put the pressure on one of the top ten worst for veteran's affairs as posted on BlueNC yesterday. So go forth and agitate.

UPDATE I made some calls and I was assured that my opinion would be passed onto the senators. I hope so, for all of our sakes, I do hope so.


Thanks for this

You might link it in the comments under Robert P.'s post about mental health. It's atop the front page right now...

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