Rumor from NC Spin

in an email received from a local Democrat, it looks like NC Spin's rumor page (the Sept. 25 post) says the RSCC doesn't so much like their chances of winning in NC. I'm hoping they're right on that.

from NC Spin....

"Republicans throwing in the towel on Dole?

We heard rumor this week that the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee was pulling out of North Carolina and redirecting funds and energy to another Senate campaign they thought they could win. According to Tom Fetzer, one of Dole`s campaign managers, this might just be rumor, although the Dole campaign cannot have any formal contact with the 527 group.

Dole hasn`t been able to come up with an answer to what she has done for North Carolinians the past six years. She has to stand in line taking credit for saving our military bases, which, by the way, weren`t really in that much danger of being closed to begin with. Another strategy Dole could employ would be to tell us what her 40 years of experience in Washington will do for us in fixing the credit crisis, the energy crisis, the transportation crisis, or any number of the other problems our state and nation face."....


We'll see if this has any truth behind it

soon enough, I guess. Sure would be good news, though.

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Nice catch Leslie

keep wishing while you work (for Hagan)

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