RSS and the GA

Please to see that as part of the spiffying up of the General Assembly's Web site, they've added a set of RSS feeds. There is no reason all state agencies can't follow suit and many plan to. It may not seem like a large leap, but in terms of expanding the civic space online it is.

Once an agency has added a feed the choice of content becomes important. Tapping the already established flow of releases out of the press office is likely to be the natural source for government feeds, but that doesn't get us much deeper in the process and it's often a highly-filtered view. To add richness to the feeds, the flow of reports, studies and analysis should also be available. The new General Assembly feeds are a good start.
Over on Exile, I've posted the first part of an article I've been working on that's related.
Can RSS or Something Like It Save Government?


And we have it here at BlueNC

Kirk, thanks for the post. We're tapped in to the NC Legislature RSS feed and you can see links to the items in that feed at the bottom of the right sidebar. This should be a great way to stay on top of what your government is up to.


Of course, I go and tout this and suddenly am having trouble pulling in using their links. HMM.


we'll get this gov't running right soon enough consarnit.