Roy Carter Live-blogging Tuesday 4pm

Join us tomorrow at 4:00pm to chat with Roy Carter, the man who is going to kick Virginia Foxx's fanny take NC's fifth district seat for Democrats in 2008.

You can learn more about Roy by visiting his bio page on his web site. There have also been several diaries written here on BlueNC.

Please join us, but if you can't be here, use this thread to leave questions. I will post the live-blog thread a few minutes before 4pm.


Free trade?

Having moved here from SW Florida about three years ago(as a retiree), we decided to replace much of our furniture. We always knew about the great amount of furniture building in NC, so spent a lot of time around High Point, purchasing the replacement furniture. We bought Thomasville, etc., and when it was all delivered, it was all made in China, or somewhere else! Since then, we have seen that outsourcing of jobs has really taken its toll on the local working population. I haven't figured out why Foxx is still in office, but my question has to do with what your position on these 'free trade' bills that Congress keeps enacting?


Thanks for coming over, candidate Carter, and thanks for stepping into the arena to run against Ms. Foxx.

What is your position on immigration reform? What do you think about the SAVE Act sponsored by Heath Shuler?

I live in Asheville, NC, and I'd like to see Democrats stop running from hardliners on this topic.

Scrutiny Hooligans -


I'm disappointed in John Edward's blaming oil companies for oil supply problems (not that they're our friends of course). He wants to begin taking oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. We are also overdue for action on greenhouse gases. What approach would you take as oil and gas supplies become tighter and prices rise? Thanks.