Rove informs WH he will be indicted !!!

It's about time this arrogant slime ball who's complicity in orchestrating this symphony of shit 29% of Americans call an administration is taken to the shed for a beating.

The administration is unraveling in a spectacular slow motion explosion, a horrific captivating drama that many of us saw coming a long time ago. The true patriots of freedom, those with the courage to stand up and dissent when it was not popular will be the hero's of these past 6 years and not the paper tigers, the chicken hawk, chicken shit that wrapped themselves in our flag to promote their own agenda.

I do indeed hope we are gifted with a merry Fitzmas this year as Rove, Libby and all the other bit players in this play are brought before the courts. American public opinion has already declared this administration guilty of gross mismanagement and it's time to pay the piper for these a -holes...Will justice be swift and righteous, I doubt it, but for whatever it's worth I will buy my ticket to the show and watch with glee, horror and fascination till the curtains drop.

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Time for AWOL George

to get his Pardon Pen warmed up.

I sure hope this is true . . . Truth Out has a mixed record of getting this stuff right, though they're often ahead of the corporate media shills who have to wait for permission from the King to report that he has no clothes. Thanks for bringing this over.

I also hope the addition of the "breaking" banner is a preview of the Sunday papers.

One can dream

and if those dreams turn to dust....just vacuum and start over.

I like TruthOut...

...but I'll believe it when I see it...and then I'll rejoice!

This has kinda been out there

and while Truth Out does have a spotty record there have been times - just like A said - when they are right and way ahead of the game. Also, it hasn't come across as if they were just guessing and happened to get it right.

I'm reserving my excitement until the actual indictment is handed down. Luskin (Rove's attorney) is well known for putting information like this out there to deflect the impact when an indictment is handed down or to embarrass news organizations when they take it and run with it...and the news turns out to be false.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I meant to say

it has come across as if he were just guessing...sighhhhh...I really shouldn't post when I'm tired.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

So anything new on this?

Is it true? All the MSM is covering is the President's speech tonight as of today's news.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

I'm afraid it isn't true

Jason Leopold has a spotty history, at best. He's guessed a few things right, but I don't think he really reports on his own confidential sources. I think he gets wind of something and gets it out there so he can be first with the news. While I take what he posts with a grain of salt most of the time, I do watch to see if his prediction is accurate. Do I think Rove will be indicted? Yes, I do. I just don't think this particular version of the story is actually true.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.