Rove off the Hook?

If you can believe Robert Luskin, Karl Rove's attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald has sent him a letter saying that Rove will not be charged with any wrongdoing in the outing of a CIA operative.

The New York Times has this story running. I'm surprised that Luskin, media darling that he is, didn't give this to his favorite stenographers at The Washington Post. They must have had a tiff.

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I've been following this case very closely. It is one of the reasons I started blogging again last fall. I have hundreds of hours of research in this, but have written very little about it.

My first response was disappointment. I'd like nothing better than to see Karl Rove in jail. OK...there are some things I would like better than that. I'm not that pathetic. This response, however had a very short life.

I very quickly started to feel it was time to get back to work. So much had been hanging in limbo while we waited to see if Rove would face the music. Fitzgerald might not be able to prove Rove's actions were illegal, but that doesn't change the facts. Karl Rove acted irresponsibly, very likely illegally, in using the indentity of a covert agent as a political tool.

If what Luskin is saying is true, and you never know when he is being truthful, Karl Rove got away with it. He will return to the political game, though, a weaker adversary.

He's weaker because his primary puppet is sagging in popularity, even within his own party. He's weaker because his games have been exposed and those he is fighting are better prepared to fight back.

Basically, he's weaker because his message sucks. And, so do his messengers.

Update: Christy at FireDogLake asks some questions I didn't. I thought them, but figure it's time for me to move on with or without Karl Rove. They are good questions, though. First, what was the exact wording of the letter? In other words, did Fitz say he wasn't charging Karl with outing Plame or he wasn't charging him with perjury? Second, did Karl Rove cooperate in any way in the investigation to save his own skin? These are valid questions and ones I wouldn't trust Luskin to answer given past difficulties with the truth.


But his evil spawn

is alive and well in North Carolina, of course. That's the brilliance of the Repuglican strategy. Divide people and destroy government at the federal level. Then divide people and destroy government in the states. That's their plan and it's working. And in a world where more people watch Desperate Housewifes than read the fucking newspaper (not that newspapers have all that much to commend them) they're getting away with it. Imperialists succeed on when their subjects are fat, dumb and not too unhappy. Bring on more corn syrup please.

Ahhh...but they couldn't get past you!

You have been on to their game from the start and Art Pope doesn't have a chance. Karl Rove has lost respect from all areas except the hard core base. All we have to do is link Art Pope to Karl Rove and that should do a little damage. The failures of one puppetmaster will rub off on the other. Karl Rove created George Bush and look at the mess our country is in. Will Art Pope bring the same destruction to North Carolina?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.