Roger Sharpe NC-05 - Repulsed By Torture

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The Geneva Conventions were probably some of the greatest tools, by which our soldiers have side stepped war-time abuse, the US Military has ever had.

Does anyone recall our POWs from the Kosovo conflict? Our soldiers were afforded the graces of the Geneva Conventions and they were released without being tortured.

My brother is in the Army and if he is ever redeployed again, he will no longer have that blanket of protection and the huge swell of international pressure the Conventions afford our men and women in the armed forces.

So last night I am flipping channels, moving towards the Daily Show when I pass CSPAN and there is my horrid excuse of a US Representative, Virginia Foxx, presiding over the House of Representatives - swinging the gavel with a glint in her eye.

Virginia Bush

And of course, she proudly voted in support of torture and the dismantling of habeas corpus.

My candidate, Roger Sharpe (NC-05) is repulsed by the idea of Federally sanctioned torture.

America’s sons and daughters have been placed in harms way due to the flawed foreign policy of the current Administration. The Bush foreign policy of preemptive warfare, supported by Foxx, has made the world more unstable and dangerous. We must correct this destructive course.

I am stunned by the outcome of last night's vote. But then again, maybe I shouldn't be. Every time I think it just can't get any worse, it does. And when fully disclosed, I learn it was actually three times as bad as I had originally thought.

If you are in the 5th District this weekend, check out Roger Sharpe's calendar and drop in and say "hello" (and donate a bit of cash while you are there.)


Now that's just sick

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She will rot in hell for this one. I hope Roger is calling her out personally and powerfully. Maybe an open letter to Virginia Foxx in the Journal? I once wrote an open letter to George Bush as an ad in the News and Observer that stirred things up for months. If you're willing to go for the throat, I'll help write it.