Rocky Mount News in the News

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The Rocky Mount (N.C.) Telegram gained national exposure late Thursday night when Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's "Colbert Report," cited his recent appearance in the daily, in a drawing by a local schoolgirl named Amy.

Colbert held up what he called the "cover" of the newspaper--he later admitted it was actually page B5--which featured a winning drawing that the girl did, showing Colbert. It showed him carrying what he called a "bucket of truth."

To reward her, he promised to send her a "Colbert Report" t-shirt, in an extra-large adult size, perhaps so she would have something to look forward to in growing up.

He also noted that it was odd that the paper has nothing to do with the Rocky Mountains.



I have trouble making it past 11:15. Often watch the first half of the Daily Show, then bail when the interview starts.

But I do like Mr. Colbert's "truthiness." He's got a helluva way with words.