Rockingham county sheriff's border wall funding scam

With Hurricane Flo, you might have missed this recent news story, which you can file under "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute".

Rockingham Sheriff Sam Page is promoting a scheme to - get this - raise money for Trump's border wall through a crowdfunding page.

Page recently returned for a trip to the nation’s capital for a meeting with President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and 43 sheriffs from 35 states.

The meeting focused on immigration reform and border security.

At this meeting, Page joined the other sheriffs in announcing the new project aiming to pay for the border wall.

A National Sheriffs’ Association crowdfunding website,, will accept donations from the public who hope to see the wall built.

According to a FoxNews report, which pitches it as a plucky grassroots effort, the web site has so far raised about $14,000. (The cost of the wall has been estimated at $70 billion, with another $150 million a year to maintain. You do the math.).

This effort joins a few other failed attempts to raise money from the public for the wall.

According to sources I've looked at, by the way, the Federal government cannot legally accept donations or gifts for specific funding programs - gifts are accepted for the general fund or specifically to pay down the Public Debt. (Neither FoxNews or Fox8's reporters bothered to even mention that.)

So, will the funding raised here be really used to funnel to the Trump campaign or another extreme right-wing cause (or maybe the pockets of the sheriffs that came up with the idea)?