Robin Hayes needs to Pay! Liberals Hate Real Americans?

I know this has been covered, but I wanted to run it up the flag pole one more time....

I am absolutely disgusted and tired of being called an America hater because my politics don't lean in the direction of the mud dwelling neanderthal Republican ideal of a Constitution-less and lock-step walking America! God dammit, I am a real American, Robin Hayes, and so are the people here at Blue NC!

We liberals are the only thing left between the complete and total disentegration of our once wonderful Country and the return of a Country that we can once again be proud of. A country without America hating tactics like warmongering, torture, constitution-bashing, governmental secrecy and all the other previously Un-American actions that have been brought to a county near you by the Republican Party.

Michelle Bachmann made some seriously messed up comments about America, Americans and Liberals in and out of the Government in America. We here made her PAY dearly for her spouting off at the mouth with her ignorant and unbelievable remarks which basically called THOSE OF US HERE America Haters!

Robin Hayes just did the same damn thing, and we now have it on audio. Of course he did this at a Sarah (Hate Liberals) Palin rally in North Carolina. SO not only do we have a reporter here in Greensboro, NC being kicked in the leg by a Palin pig, but we have a US Congressman calling US America Haters! To our faces! And of course, lying afterward that HE didn't do it!

To hell with Robin Hayes and his ignorant statements! Let's make this SOB pay just like we made Michelle Bachmann pay when she opened up her big pie hole and called us America Haters!

Listen to Robin Hayes disgusting BS here:

Larry Kissell, whom we have endorsed here at Blue NC, is running against Robin Hayes in North Carolina - 08. Larry only missed beating Liberal Bashing Hayes by 300 odd votes in 2006. Let's pony up some love for Larry Kissell and show these contemptable Republicans that WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THEIR PERSONAL SMEARS ANYMORE!

Let's make sure the SOB's think three times before they ever utter the words Liberal America Haters or anything like that again.

Please, get riled up and get on over to Larry Kissell's site and make a donation to send a good man to Congress and remove a Pond Scum Republican from our midst.