Robin Hayes, NC-08: Still Waiting for the Truth about CAFTA

One year ago Friday, the House narrowly approved the Central American Free Trade Agreement in the wee hours of the morning. Casting a deciding vote in favor of the agreement was Congressman Robin Hayes. Hayes' yes vote gave President Bush's free trade agenda a much needed push and propelled CAFTA to a 217-215 victory.

When the traditional 15-minute voting period expired on the controversial CAFTA free trade agreement at 11:17 p.m., the no votes outnumbered the yes votes by 180 to 175, with dozens of members still undeclared. House Republican leaders kept the voting open another 47 minutes, furiously rounding up holdouts in their own party, twisting arms and making deals, according to Robin Hayes.

It was reported that Hayes recalled Republican House Speaker Hastert had "said to me, 'If you vote with me, we'll do everything we need to do in your district to help with jobs.'" [NY Times, July 29, 2005]

Rep. Hastert, however, claimed no such deal was made for jobs in the 8th District.

According to reports, Hastert "had a different view" on "what he had done to get Hayes to change his vote." The "speaker attributed Hayes' switch to grassroots pressure, not to any deal." Hastert: "I did have a discussion with Robin Hayes. But Robin Hayes ultimately talked to his textile people. They encouraged him to vote for the bill ultimately." [Charlotte Observer (Hotline), 7/29/05]

Still Days after Hastert claimed no deal was made for jobs in the 8th District, Hayes continued to credit the disavowed deal for his midnight reversal.

"If I didn't think [the promise by House leaders] was huge, I would have never done it," Hayes said in a phone interview. "I know the political fallout from the vote and the hell I can catch in the upcoming elections." [Women's Wear Daily, August 2, 2005]

In a district wide mailing paid for at taxpayers expense just this month, Hayes continues to develop an interesting alibi, now citing something much closer to Hastert's version of events with the "grassroots pressure" for CAFTA apparently coming from multinational corporations like Phillip Morris.

Hayes repeated the 'midnight phone calls from corporations' version of events again this Monday in the Fayetteville Observer ["Lost Jobs Could Put Hayes at Risk" July 24, 2006].

Larry Kissell, 27 year veteran of the local textile industry and Robin Hayes' 2006 Democratic challenger, asked for clarification from Hayes today. "We just want the truth. He's provided several explanantions about why he voted for this terrible trade deal including concessions from President Bush, but every time he talks about his vote, he changes his story."

"It appears he's been in Washington so long that he's forgotten how to shoot straight. Call Congressman Hayes at (202) 225-3715 and see what story you get."


This is a follow up

on the piece I wrote a few days ago. The NCGOP is getting nervous and starting to push back. It's time to hold Hayes' feet to the fire and demand some answers.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Hayes did 180 on CAFTA
His vote hocked to House Speaker Hastert
When caught in his lies
He feigns a surprise
And says I just did cos I hafta


I just thought I'd throw my praise in before this thread turns into a no-holds-barred limerick contest.


Repeat this acronym enough times between now and election day, and Kissell wins.

Back here in the 11th, Taylor is trying to run his whole campaign on how much he hates immigrants. He doesn't want to talk about anything else. Not about his failure of leadership on the CAFTA vote, echoed by another failure recently in the Oman Free Trade Agreement.

I've heard more and more reports that Taylor is slipping - Incoherent ramblings at town hall meetings.

I should probably just go write another post about it...

Happy Flip-Flopiversary, Robin Hayes!

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Hayes Ho

It's one thing to be a whore, but it's another thing altogether to be a stupid whore and not get the money upfront. Hayes sold out, pure and simple. Whether it was to the Denny Bastert or "his textile people" he sold out pure and simple. But he was to frickin' stupid to get the cash in hand before he dropped his drawers.

Will be interesting to see if the media honor this anniversary of betrayal with serious coverage. Don't hold your breath.

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from Bill in Portland Maine over at Kos:

One Year Ago in C&J: July 28, 2005:

JEERS to corporate shilliness. 15 House Democrats joined the GOP Sith in voting for the Central American Free Trade Agreement (NAMBLA), which passed 217-215. As Joshua Holland says over at The Gadflyer, "Those 15 Dems should lose their jobs." Unfortunately, they won't be the only ones when this thing kicks in.

I can think of at least one Republican (cough)Hayes(cough) that resembles that remark.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


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