Robin Hayes, NC-08 Fails to See Successes in War on Terror

I'm going to fess up. I've been one of those Democrats who has failed to see the successes in Iraq because of an overwhelming need to prove that George W. Bush is a failure. I've changed my mind and it's something Larry Kissell said that opened my eyes a bit.

From the beginning, Larry has said,

“We staged our way into Iraq in one year, there is no reason we can’t stage our way out in one year.”

That certainly makes sense. However, some Republicans like to pull out their cute phrases like "cut and run" instead of actually giving careful consideration to the implications of stagnation in Iraq.

In today's Fayetteville Observer, Larry Kissell is quoted as saying that we have achieved a level of success in Iraq

Kissell said America had three missions when it went to war: searching for weapons of mass destruction, capturing Saddam Hussein and bringing democracy to Iraq. All three have been accomplished.

When you put it that way, it cuts the legs off of the Republican argument that bringing the troops home will harm their morale and self esteem. I've never understood why Republicans would wage war or continue waging war as an exercise to build self esteem among the troops. Here, Larry Kissell solves that problem. The three main objectives have been achieved. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have accomplished what they were sent to do. It's time to bring them home.

Don't get me wrong. The violence in Iraq and the civil war that appears to be escalating are a public relations nightmare for George Bush and his remaining supporterslike Robin Hayes, who would prefer to leave only after there are outward signs of success. They still have no plan, just a wait-and-see approach. They have a strategy for stagnation in Iraq and prefer to bog our troops down in escalating violence instead of bringing them home.

Larry Kissell has a better idea.

“We need our troops home as soon as possible to be able to stand ready for the next phase of our global war on terrorism,” he said.

Robin Hayes' strategy for our troops in Iraq includes another tired phrase, "stay the course". This translates to more of the same and I think our troops deserve better than that. Don't you?


Cut-and-run is a stupid and

Cut-and-run is a stupid and immature political ploy, but truth be told, there are fantastic reasons for staying. The most important of these is our responsibility to help that country stay alive. If we leave right now, there is every chance that Iraq will be like Somalia in three years. Terrorism is irrelevant, we're talking about degeneration into the third world, oil be damned. Uncontrollable diseases and famine, at our hands.

Religious strife is fuel to the fire, but if we pull out before Iraq's police can stand on their own, then it will only be a matter of time before somebody over there with charisma and willpower (two very dangerous traits) will figure out that religious dominance is nothing next to controlling the oil. That means an increased drug trade, warlords, and military coups.

Somalia has all of that and no real resources, how much worse do you think it can get in Iraq with world power at stake? A lot worse.

The prospects are bad, but what is worse is that we've caused it. Blame it on Republicans all you want, I certainly do, but that does not abdicate the rest of us of the responsibility. It is America's problem, we all must deal with it.

I see few alternatives if we leave right now. The mess Republicans got us into in the first place looks to be more than enough to sweep them from power, finally, yet if we force the pullout and end up with an Iraq with no recognized government and a nation of starving children and drugged up warlords, do you really think we're going to be running the show for long?

That's not even really speaking to the truth of it, that we should all be shot if we allowed that to happen, we're just talking politics here. Just like the other side is.

See the problem yet?

Of course I see the problem

I have for some time. I also don't see it being fixed by more of the same. We've had ample time for this approach to work, so unless we are willing as a country to go into an all-out, full-scale military occupation, then we look for a better way.

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The problem is clear.

There is no workable military solution. Period.

Reconstruction funded by the US must continue, but the US must get out of the contracting business.

Security funded by the US must continue, but the US must get out of the security business.

We are toxic and everything we do is poisonous. Yes we have to pay to fix things, but we cannot be the fixers.


This idea of funding other countries and non-US companies to clean up Georgie's mess is unthinkable to the neocons who started this war mostly for profiteering. They will not give up their lucrative contracts. They will not give up the opportunity to prove themselves right. And in their refusal to give up, they will drive Iraq farther into oblivion, doing unimaginable strategic damage to America's position in the world.

We are truly fucked.

What are you talking about???

The war is nearly over, the oil profits that have paid for the liberation will continue to pay for the rebuilding efforts, which are nearly complete with every resident of major city having electricity and water 24 hours a day.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

*slap* Wake Up Robert....

You're dreaming again! Hehehe

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Divide Iraq as the Ottman's did for 400 years except we have to make one change. Instead of 3 regions - Kurd Northern, Sunni, Central, Shile, around Basri. We have to have a fourth . The oil to haliburton. Everyone happy- nobobdy dies