Robin Hayes Hearts Torture

Back in March of this year, the US House of Representatives voted to spend another 80 billion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The House had a separate vote on whether to add an amendment stipulating that none of that money could be spent on torture, and the amendment passed: 240 to 2.

One of the two pro-torture Representatives was North Carolina's own Robin Hayes.

Hayes the Representative has a website, but you won't find the word "torture" there even once. So is his brazen stand in favor of US-funded torture his only record on the subject? Is torture a North Carolina value for Hayes?

There's another possibility, of course. The Republican leadership may not have wanted the bill to pass unanimously. Voting for torture isn't popular, but with Pa Cheney gung-ho on the torture wagon, Republicans might not want to flout the "unanimous" will of Congress. Leadership knew that Hayes is a spineless hack—if they didn't know it before, they were sure when they forced him to change his CAFTA vote at the last minute (and made him cry to boot). So if House Republicans were looking for a jellyfish to prop up on the pro-torture side of a no-brainer amendment, it makes sense that Hayes was their man.

I know plenty of people from NC's 8th Congressional District. Regardless of their political orientation, they are honest, principled people. I think I can safely say that Hayes is "representative" in title only. Get rid of him.