Robin Hayes' Felons & Friends

When I was growing up my parents warned me about hanging out with the wrong crowd. I thought then that a person's character would be judged by their actions, but have learned through life experiences that it is many times judged by the company that a person keeps. Much can be learned about our Representatives in Washington just by looking at the company they keep, as well as who is giving them money and when.

I recently spent some time going through six years of Robin Hayes' FEC reports to see just who among his fellow members of congress are giving him money. I was amazed to find out some of the details about Robin's friends. There were enough felons, indictees, adulterers, liars and cheaters to fill a good-sized corner of hell.

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These are the people representing American citizens in Washington and these are Robin Hayes' friends. Among the group is one felon, one man under indictment, one man fined $210,000 for illegal campaign contributions, two admonished by the House Ethics Committee, four connected to defense lobbyist investigations, eight who are proven liars and five admitted adulterers. I can only imagine if Robin Hayes was more open about his associations with these people and the fact that he takes money from them, there would be quite a few voters in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District that wouldn't be lining up to join this crowd.

Most recently Hayes took contributions from 13 members of Congress who were first-time contributors to Hayes' campaign. They conveniently sent their payments in the weeks leading up to the vote on CAFTA. Remember that vote? That's the vote Robin Hayes promised not to support, but last minute pressure and possibly last minute campaign contributions convinced Hayes that he should lie to his constituents and vote with his party.

There are many, many stories to be found researching our members of Congress. I just wish more of them were about patriots and heros.



At least you didn't tell me to get a life...

digging around in FEC reports is some seriously boring mess. I'm working on Chuckie baby now.

The dollar signs in the eyes just kill me!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Holy mama.

I just read your Southern Dem blog diary through and through. Jeez, this guy is a regular poster boy for graft and greed. What great work, SD! Truly excellent reporting.

You should be linking this all over the place . . . an example of the kind of research that makes all our rhetoric real. I'm going to send anybody and everybody I can. Hope you'll do the same.

I think I might wait and post this on Kos

when there's a lull in the NSA/illegal wiretap, Abramoff, Iraq civil war, Iran, Libby trial, DeLay trial, know...when it will get more notice. Glad you linked on Kos. I never knew how many folks would follow the links.

I have more on Hayes coming later. I'm starting on Taylor's data.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.