Rip van Holding gets three Dem challengers (so far)


You need to start rolling that trash can out to the road to get in shape:

Republican Rep. George Holding, the North Carolina congressional incumbent who by one measure had the closest 2018 race, has drawn several Democratic challengers for his 2020 re-election bid.

Wake County Public Schools board member Monika Johnson-Hostler announced her candidacy Wednesday. Retired Marine Scott Cooper, the founder of Veterans for American Ideals, announced in April he would run. Open Table United Methodist Church pastor Jason Butler filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission last month.

Holding is the epitome of an empty-suit bankster barely warming his seat in Congress. He's been there for 6+ years, and has sponsored "two" bills that became law; one to keep sub-Saharan African countries from underbidding American companies, and one to authorize the Supreme Court Police to protect Justices at their homes. Both were within his first term, and apparently he was exhausted from the effort. Not going to endorse anybody in this race, but I have been seeing a lot of this guy on social media for months:

Cooper has been hitting the trail for months, posting photos on Twitter of various events throughout the district. He raised more than $300,000 in the second quarter, which ended in June. Cooper was endorsed by J. Marvin Gill, the African-American Caucus chair of the Franklin County Democratic Party.

Vote Vets PAC endorsed Cooper, who served 20 years in the Marines and was deployed eight times including multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Those that represent us have a sacred duty. That sacred duty means being a person of character and ethics,” Cooper told McClatchy in April. “I’m disheartened by what I’ve seen.”

Cooper supports Gov. Roy Cooper’s attempts to expand Medicaid and said health care is among his top priorities in the campaign.

“I’m heartened seeing fellow North Carolinians stand up and work for positive change. Traveling throughout the district over the past few months, it’s clear that people are looking for leaders who will put the interests of North Carolina families first,” Cooper said in a statement to The News & Observer.