RINOs and naming

The opposition party has been very good at defining everyone else with words and terms of their choosing.

Given how they are acting currently, perhaps we should start referring to them as the RepubliCAN'T party.


Good analysis of Steele

Read this for insights on Steele:


I seem to be responding the same way as I responded to Palin, with glee. Most of my friends were very insulted and offended that Palin got the VP slot. I was ecstatic. I kind of like Steele as the apologist for the RepublicAN'T party.

He reminds me of myself-- I like to be goofy. And I think he is really a democrat. He just has not found that out yet. I respect that. Give him time. He will find out soon enough that he is not one of them.


Who was it? Barney Frank, I think

in an interview was asked how it made him feel to have Republicans repeatedly refuse to use the adjectival form of Democrat. He responded with responded with saying something to the effect that it didn't matter or he didn't care what the Republicanists did. It was worth a giggle.

I think the word "Republican" is so toxic right now we need to use it - over and over and over again.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.