Rick Paid Off By AKC

The following donations to Rick Santorum's reelection campaign were reported to the Federal Election Commission in late March 2006:

Ronald H. Menaker, AKC Chairman & Spouse $8,400 + $11,600 to PA GOP Committee
David Merriam, AKC Vice-chairman $500
Steve Gladstone, AKC Board Member $1500
Nina (Cornelia) Schaefer, AKC Board Member $500
William Newman, AKC Board Member $1500
Dennis Sprung, AKC President $1000
John Lyons, AKC COO $500
James Stevens, AKC CFO $500
Charles L. Kneifel, AKC VP $500
Noreen Baxter, AKC VP $500
James Holt, AKC Lobbying Consultant $2000

All pet and animal owners should know.


That interview is..um...strange

They spent an awful lot of time talking about sex. Santorum seemed awfully uncomfortable.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The idea that

we're all just a few Supreme Court rulings away from getting our freak on with Fido is absolutely hilarious!!

Dare I say, the gentleman from Pennsylvania doth protest too much?

No comment.

My Brain Broke

I was trying to draw the parallels and my brain broke. This is hilarious!

Oh, now this is too funny

What would dog breeders want from little Rickie?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.