Richard Burr still can't break 50% against any known challenger

Richard Burr is touting a new poll out by Rasmussen that shows him ahead of Kenneth Lewis, a newcomer to the political scene, and Congressman Bob Etheridge who is well-known in one congressional district. He leads both by double digits. What he fails to tell us is that he still isn't breaking 50% against either challenger or potential challenger. He also fails to tell us that Elaine Marshall has a closer margin (10 points) than either Lewis or Etheridge.

It's obvious from the numbers given by Rasmussen that there is a lot of work ahead of all of the challengers if any of them wants to be successful in November 2010. Of course, not too many people thought Kay Hagan had a snowball's chance against Liddy Dole.

You can find the Rasmussen write-up here.


As you referenced all of them

As you referenced all of them are running ahead of Kay - including Ken who is a newcomer and is beating Kay's numbers by 5-6 points from when she started her race in fall of '07 which shows that Burr is definitely vulnerable. Burr is a better politician though so they'll need our money.

Burr is done for!

They also fail to mention that nobody is really paying much attention to any of the statewide races right now. There are so many municipal races going on plus the Health Care Debate and Afghanistan is heating up.

If it is remotely close at all at this point that pretty much spells DOOM for Richard Burr. I'm not just saying that because I am a Ultra Partisan :-)I'm saying it because it is true. This guy during the break was all over the state and nobody cared. Even in the most rural of Communities like Lenoir County his visit didn't receive a lot of attention. Plus theres the fact that what is this guy going to say on the stump when this campaign really starts to heat up after the Primary?

I fought against the Fair Pay Act for Women.

I fought against the Economic Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

I fought against Health Care Reform.

The Guys has got nothing! To be honest if I had the Money I think I could beat Richard Burr! I guess that is why so many people are in this race at this point!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

See, here's the real deal here, HallStyle

You can show how Burr has been a very poor senator on so many levels all you want. But, the key is not about this. The key is, especially in NC, that people see conservative-republicans in our state as being against our better interests. If we, as democrats, cannot do that, Burr is in the driver's seat. We can all agree that he is not the best representative for our state and our nation, but at the end of the day, "politics" is what gets senators elected.

So far, he has garnered a lot of support for much of what he has voted for and against. No, not from far left folks, but from the mainstream voters in NC. If we are to beat Burr, we must do more than just try to present him as an anti-liberal or someone that doesn't vote as the democrats want him to vote. We must make him the "villian" he truly is. That takes money and effort. Hopefully not only the state party but the national party is up to that.