Richard Burr steps in it

Just received by email from the Cunningham campaign. Looks like Richard Burr's chickenhawk games are finally coming home to roost.

Dear Friend,

Cal's campaign just received a fundraising letter Richard Burr sent to his supporters. It's a letter he probably hoped North Carolinians, veterans, military families, and the press would never see. In it, he dishonors the men and women who wear our country's uniform by offering anyone the military ranks of "Private," "Sergeant," or even "Colonel" in the "Burr Brigade" in exchange for a campaign contribution.

And Richard Burr charges that President Obama is "decimat[ing] our military forces" - even though it's Burr who has a long record of voting against funding for our service-members, veterans, and their families.

Remember, unlike Cal, Richard Burr hasn't served a day in the military. Maybe that's why he doesn't understand that you don't buy a military rank - you earn it.

Send a letter-to-the-editor of your local paper today, and make sure all North Carolinians learn about Richard Burr's outrageous fundraising letter.

Perhaps Richard Burr thinks this is a game or makes him seem patriotic. He can thump his chest about supporting the military and fill his campaign mail with the usual fear-mongering we've come to expect from desperate, extreme right-wing campaigns.

But he crosses the line when he offers his financial supporters the opportunity to "enlist" and buy a military rank in exchange for a campaign contribution.

Cal earned his military rank through his years of distinguished service, including a year-long tour in Iraq and a year-long tour at Fort Bragg. Tens of thousands of our fellow North Carolinians have also earned their ranks serving our country -- at home and abroad, now and in the past.

Richard Burr's suggestion that his supporters can buy a military rank with a $25 contribution should offend every North Carolinian, and every American.

Send a letter-to-the-editor of your local paper today, and make sure all North Carolinians learn about Richard Burr's outrageous fundraising letter.

While Richard Burr tries to convince his donors he's a strong advocate for the military, his record shows that he is anything but. In his five years as Senator, Richard Burr has:

  • Twice voted against funding for armored vehicles for our service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan,
  • Twice opposed funding to repair faulty military equipment, and
  • Voted against pay raises for our troops and their families, the same week that hundreds of Marines left Camp Lejeune for Afghanistan.

Maybe you can get away with saying one thing and doing another in Washington, D.C., but North Carolinians expect better from their U.S. Senator.

That's why I hope you'll join me in sending a letter-to-the-editor to make sure all North Carolinians know about Burr's outrageous fundraising letter -- and see his true colors.

Thank you for your help.


Major General (Ret.) Hubert Leonard
Co-Chairman, Veterans for Cunningham
Cunningham for U.S. Senate


It is where Elaine is from

Other than being from Maryland, Elaine's roots are in Wake.

Not surprising here. Forgive me if that sounds negative or condescending.





Without any explaination? What is that all about. Hey, I am okay with being shown wrong, honest. It was just an observation I had. Where am I incorrect?

Marshall's roots are not in Wake County

I grow so tired of doing the research for people...

She worked in Lenoir County. She represented parts of Harnett, Lee, Johnston, etc. counties in the NC state Senate.

Her church membership was in Dunn.

Just a little googling goes a long way.


Elaine has spent most of her

Elaine has spent most of her adult life in Harnett County. She practiced law for years in Lillington and lived in Buies Creek. Now since her husband passed away and she re-maarried I'm not sure if she has changed residences but she has deep roots in Harnett County. (And Harnett ain't Wake ain't the triangle, ain't Raleigh Durham.)

I'm a moderate Democrat.

She is also Sec. of State in NC

Marshall is Sec. of State in NC and works out of Raleigh which is in Wake County. She has deep roots there, as she should have. She is a fabulous candidate and I admire her to no end. She got a very long, impressive list of supporters from where she works and/or from those that work in her area and from those that either know her personally or know of her good works from what others have told them. No one is taking that away from her. She would be a great replacement for Burr.

When I was a shift manager at a large textile firm I was a popular figure among not only my peers but among subordinates for various reasons. If I were to have run for a local political office, there is no doubt that I would have received a myriad accolades and supporting statements and so forth in that endeavor. It would not have meant that I would have been a great political figure, however. It would have meant that I was able to receive support from those that knew me and from those that felt it would be "correct" to support me and from those that heard from others that I would be a good candidate and was bright and affable and a good manager.

Marshall has gotten a lot of support from some very influential and important people. I admire her for that and, as said before, if she wins the primary and becomes "our candidate", I will support her in every way possible.

Just trying to correct a

Just trying to correct a misconception there Foxtrot. Marshall's NC roots are in Harnett Co. and to say otherwise is not only incorrect but dismissive of Harnett. Yes as Sec. of State she works in Raleigh (and I think has lived in Raleigh since she married her second husband William Holford who unfortunately passed away late last year) and that is great that all those Wake Co. officials have endorsed her, but that isn't her roots in NC. You came across like Harnett was insignificant though I'm sure that wasn't your intent. People are sensitive to that sort of thing.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Not Mention...

That's where she Works! She is High Ranking member of the current Administration, who by the way even if she loses her bid for senate will retain here position as Secretary of State so for many it would crazy to come out against her and the silence would be deafening it they didn't publicly support someone. It is to be expected.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

True, usernamehere

Roots, no. Political experience/associations in most part and contacts and so forth, yes (Raleigh).

But, saying that, I apologize for misspeaking on her roots. I do think you know what I'm saying with regard to having a large group of people in Wake/Raleigh giving her support. Hey, trust me on one thing. If she does win, I will be supporting her just as fervently as I would Cal.



I like that the e-mail is about Burr - and not about any of the Democratic candidates. That's the opposite approach from the e-mails from the other candidates in the primary.

However, making an issue of a fundraising ploy seems shortsighted and prone to a backfire. People "buy" roles in campaigns all the time, and I've recieved all sorts of invitations to become a "leader," "champion," "trailblazer," "host," "patron," and many other things. I wouldn't be surprised if a Democrat has done the same thing on an invitation that Burr did. As the Book says, "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

Also, many organizations have Sgts. & Cols., including police and organizations around the world. I was once a General in a community service organization in high school. How on Earth does Burr's fundraising ploy dishonor anyone? The first paragraph of the e-mail seems amazingly petty. Luckily, the e-mail quickly focuses on the real harm of another six years of Burr ... but instead of asking us to write local media about Burr's failings as a senator, the e-mail asks us to send a snarky, petty letter to the editor that (if ever printed) will likely encourage a response from Republican veterans that will defend Burr's Senatorial service.

Advantage Burr, IMHO. Elaine wins the week (so far).

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks


I'm the campaign manager for the Elaine Marshall Campaign. Contrary to the perception on BlueNC, we have never mentioned either of our primary opponents by name in any email. The only time we've talked about our opponents is in direct response to reporters' questions. Just wanted to clarify that point.

Thanks for that note

I very much appreciate your clarification.

And just to clarify from my end, there are probably as many different perceptions at BlueNC as there are visitors to the site (just over 2000 individuals last week). In addition, I'm sure some of those visitors are working on behalf of individual campaigns even though those connections may not be disclosed.

That's why I especially appreciate your comment, both the substance and tone. I know you have more than enough to keep you busy these days, but don't hesitate to chime at any time for any reason.

For my part, it looks to me like you're hitting stride with a smart campaign that's focused on the important issues of our day. Thanks for that.

I made a mistake

Thanks for pointing that out; I was incorrect. Only the Ken Lewis e-mails have mentioned opponents by name. I should have said "one of the other candidates" or removed the word e-mail. Sometimes it's hard to remember which e-mails were official campaign e-mails and which were forwarded articles or press releases.

I'm glad to see Elaine's campaign engaging BlueNC!

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

Strategic focus

The point of the Cunningham email is to focus attention on the contrast between him and Burr in terms of military service and lack thereof. Burr's artless fundraising appeal is merely a vehicle to raise the point. In a Cunningham vs. Burr race, there would be many more. In a culturally military-friendly state like NC, that would be one of Cunningham's big hammers: Cunningham the decorated young veteran vs. Burr the chickenhawk.

To me, the most amazing angle of this story is that Burr's folks would give Cunningham such a clay pigeon target as that letter.

Dan Besse


To me, the most amazing angle of this story is that Burr's folks would give Cunningham such a clay pigeon target as that letter.

That was my thought, too, Dan. I can just see some fundraising hacks in wherever working through the plan:

  • Hey! NC is a military friendly state, so let's tie our letter to the troops by pretending like we're getting donors to enlist in the Army of Burr. You can be a private for ten bucks! Want to be a colonel ... well, that'll cost ya, soldier.

It's a lose lose deal for Burr. Either he's unaware of the amateurs doing his fundraising appeals ... or he IS aware and thought this would be a clever gambit. Take your pick ... both display his ongoing pattern of incompetence.


we can hope that pattern of incompetence continues through the fall!

Dan Besse

Burr's fundraising attempt confirms for me that he is a dolt.

That was my opinion when I met him, and I stick by it.

I still don't know enough about any of the democratic candidates to back one - I like Cal, I like Elaine, and I think I would like Ken if I knew more about him. It's time to hear more and read more.

It would be most helpful if Dems don't pull each other down in an attempt to win an election. Let's hear positive things about the candidate you prefer.
K, Thanks.