Richard Burr continues his Anti-American Worker Campaign

The good news?

Hilda Solis, President Obama's nominee for Labor Secratary has finally, after 66 days of Republican obstruction, been confirmed by the Senate for this position on a vote of 80 -17.

The bad news?

The Republicans in the Senate tried their very best to hold up this nomination due to questions about her ties to a tax-exempt group (American Rights at Work) that promotes unionization that might pose a conflict of interest regarding her nomination.
There was also a weak attempt to go down the "back taxes owed" by her husband on a business he owned in California.

In the end, the wrong party of the Right could not make anything stick and were in the majority when voting for Hilda Solis. However, one of the 17 dissenters was a notorious Labor hater by the name of Richard Burr. Senator Burr of our lovely state of North Carolina has been in the news recently opposing workers rights in what his fringe groupies have labeled "The Card Check bill."

Richard Burr and his comrades in arms that continue to kowtow to corporations instead of actually representing the hard working citizens of North Carolina has gone off the deep end and must be held responsible for his anti-worker sentiment.

Why, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you. Our families and friends here in the United States of America depend upon our Representatives in Congress, including Richard Burr, to vote for what the people need and what the people WANT! Richard Burr once again has proven with his "NO" vote for Hilda Solis, a well known advocate of workers rights, that he cannot be TRUSTED with the representation of the people of North Carolina.

Mr. Burr? Could you please resign and allow the people of North Carolina to be actually represented by a person in the U.S. Senate that will look after the citizens of North Carolina first, and look to the outdated and failed Republican Party policies as an afterthought?

Right now, Senator Burr, you are the BAD NEWS coming home to the workers of North Carolina and the United States of America. We need jobs created, jobs that pay well and jobs that have consistancy. We don't need you and your obstructionist partisan bullshit.


I guess the GOD of Republicans

Rush Limpbaugh hasn't given Richard Burr the OK to do what is right correct for his constituants and the country.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Ideology over public good

Rep. Solis is an amazing person and a tireless advocate for working people. Richard Burr has voted against raising the minimum wage 15 times so it's no wonder that he would oppose someone like Rep. Solis. We've got to get rid of this guy.

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