Return of the Carpetbaggers

The Koch brothers do not live in North Carolina.
The Koch brothers are not registered to vote in North Carolina.
The Koch brothers are not running for office in North Carolina.

And the Koch brothers have no business telling our legislators how to run North Carolina.

They are outsiders. They don't live here. They don't know our history let alone our people. They don't know what makes us tick. They don't have an appreciation for our state's natural beauty, our waterfalls, our mountains, our fields and streams, our beaches. They don't know our families, let alone our ancestors and where they came from. They don't attend our churches or sit in on town council meetings. They don't send their children to our universities. They aren't there to comfort you at times when you need help or consolation. They won't loan you a few bucks to get the tire replaced on your truck. They won't give you a helping hand.

They don't know what WE need, only what they want. They are the modern version of the carpetbaggers. They only want to suck as much money as they can from our state and our people. They come to exploit, not to invest. Their money, in the form of campaign contributions, will be used to manipulate so they can get what they want. They don't care about us. And when they get what they want from our legislators they will abandon them as well. Because no matter how much we give them they will always want more. They are the modern-day Princes of Carpetbaggers.



Thanks for the graphic!

Thanks for the graphic!
And I agree, we have a number of scalawags amongst us today.