Resisting in the streets and at the table

The term "Iconic" comes to mind...



Yes, you can do both

The next time some conservative dingbat starts ranting about Antifa or Black Lives Matter only wanting to destroy and not actually work for progress, show them this.

But then there's this:

A contract (private) security guard at a joint NC A&T and UNC-G research facility left a noose hanging as a "joke."

Staff at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, a facility jointly operated by NC A&T University and UNCG in southeast Greensboro, discovered a noose on Tuesday morning.

The discovery was made around 9:30 a.m. in an academic building, according to an incident report filed by NC A&T University Police. UNCG Police joined NC A&T Police in responding to the incident, although NC A&T University Police took the lead in the investigation, UNCG Police Chief Paul Lester said.

Lester said a security guard working overnight at the facility for a security company under contract with Gateway University Research Park, which manages the facility, took responsibility for the incident.

“It was intended as a joke,” Lester said. “He didn’t intend any harm. We didn’t take it lightly.”

Lester said the security company immediately terminated the responsible person’s employment, and he will no longer be allowed on the premises.

Lester said he doesn’t understand the point of the joke, if that’s indeed what the incident was, or whether there was any racial intent behind the act.

And once again, when a noose shows up where African-Americans are likely to congregate, officials "are not sure" if racism was a factor. Gimme a break.