Request your mail-in ballot today



I am planning on going in person since I believe it is important that bodies show up but, I can very easily imagine come November things might be really bad so I was wondering if there was a link to request an absentee ballot online or, what the process may be. Also, I had heard that the ballot requires two witness signatures, is that correct? Thanks.

Here’s the deal.

Here’s the deal.

To get your ballot, search for “NC absentee” and find a site that lets you print out a form. I’m doing this on my phone, so I can’t paste a link in for you. I’ll come back and do that later.

There are many options.

Once you print out the form, you fill out the form and mail it in, which can be done anytime starting now.

Ballots arrive in early September, and you’re free to use it or not depending on the situation around us. That’s why I think of it as “insurance.”.

You do have to have two people witness your signature if and when you decide to use the ballot.

We may need only one witness,

if Republicans would quit screwing around with the elections bill. They're trying to squeeze in Voter ID language, which is begging for a Veto. Film at eleven.