Repug Chameleon slimes into 41st NC house Dem primary

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A classic battle is in the making here for NC house 41st district currently held by (R) Russell Capps.

Ex Republican Men's Club President Chris Mintz is running as a Democrat for NC House district 41. Why is that? Incumbent Republican Russell Capps unexpectedly decided to run for another term, so life-long Republican Chris "The Chameleon" Mintz switched parties to run in the May 2nd Democratic primary as a Democrat. Even though in the weeks leading up to his controversial defection he was still touting his strong conservative credentials. Now he is forcing a primary against a true lifelong dedicated progressive Democrat and DFA
candidate Ty Harrell.

Mintz admits that he was asked to run and is backed by the real estate development lobby.

In his slick campaign appearances he claims he never really was a Republican and that he really is a moderate Democrat. This guy even claimed in a press release on his website"it is very humbling to have the support of these community leaders, with their help we have accumulated over $100,000 for our campaign" and then the very next day loaned
himself $100,000 dollars
" Talk about hypocrisy and arrogance.

At a recent campaign appearance, during the very limited, one question per
person, no follow up format I asked how he can say he "left the Republican party
because of it's social views" when he publicly
on several occasions that he was a conservative Republican that supported
ultra conservative organizations, and helped raise close to $25,000 for the
Republican party and its candidates in the eight months prior to his controversial defection
including donating to ultra conservative Virginia Foxx who ranks 433
out of 433
at progressive punch.
His answer to the above, if you dissect
it, is classic spin. He says he also "donated to the Democratic party" but try
as I might after checking with the NC Dem party chair Jerry Meek and the local
wake county party chair I can find no record of any donations, support for,
canvassing for, or fundraising for the Democratic party or any of its national
or local candidates until after his wondrous conversion. And even then it took direct solicitations and they amounted to a paltry 1-2K at most.
In my opinion this only reinforces his chameleon like character.

that once folks know about Mr Mintz's Republican past, Ty Harrell
wins hands down.

Please help spread the word about this blatant attempt by powerful real estate
development lobbyists in NC to get one of their good old boys into the legislature.
I know that Kos is mostly dedicated to helping federal candidates but if we in
the netroots really want to make a difference we need to support and help move
forward local candidates. These candidates will seed our future electoral fields
with the strong progressive roots we will need to nurture great future national
candidates. $50K to someone like Ty Harrell can go a long way towards fighting
the big money special interests contaminating our local politics. It would be
great if we can get KOS readers to support this great Democracy For America candidate
in NC.

Check out the website we put up to help expose Chris
the Chameleon Mintz
. In particular check out the time
. If you can, please donate
to Ty's campaign, recommend this diary and help expose the DINO travesty that is happening
here in the NC house 41st district.

I would also greatly appreciate it if folks would link to the Chris The Chameleon Mintz website so we can get our google ranking up there.


Thanks Bajadudes

For bringing this over. We've hade a few stories on the Chameleon, but not must on Ty. Much appreciated. Hope to see more of you!

What does Capps say?

If The Chameleon were to win the primary, would he then withdraw, leaving Capps unopposed? Or would he run to the right of Capps regardless of party appellation?

{Oh, I just read your link, and now I know the answers}

Anyone checked Mintz's criminal record? Tax records?

Great diary. This is the kind of thing that citizen media has to take on.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

a lot of inconsistencies

I'm looking into some interesting tips that have come my way but keeping the powder dry on them until I know the info is rock solid and there are public documents.

There are however other examples of curious facts. For instance on his website he claims he moved to Raleigh after graduating HS, kinda gives the impression he is a long time resident of the area. A closer look reveals that his wake voter history only goes back to 2001. Apparently he was registred in Brunswick county before that and I find lots of indications that he was a resident of oak island, and lived and worked in the southport area. His recent donation to Virginia Foxx comes from down there:


05/04/2005 $500.00 25970617121

Apparently He lived in Southport before moving to Wake in 2004 but as recently as 2005 has still been using a PO box down there. So far other things I find for him down there in Brunswick county are a bare lot he bought for 37K(assessed value) and sold a year later for I 90K (assessed value).
The deeds shows it was transferred to Chris for $10 and then a year
later for $10 to a YORK, KENNETH C? During that time he also gets and
pays off a 175K loan from BB&T

tax records show he has paid taxes on car registrations in Oak
City from 2003 - 2004

From his marriage in 2000 in Brunswick to the end of 2003 beginning of 2004 he and his wife use this address on all official documents:
Post office Box 11236
Southport, NC 28461
All the above are from public doc searches in Brunswick county

Nothing wrong with all that but just another indication that things are fluffed up and not exactly what they seem.
He also claims on his website that he started many small companies but I can't find any registred companies in his name. Currently his broker listing with NASD shows him as working for LINSCO/PRIVATE LEDGER CORP. BOSTON , Massachusetts from 6/25/03 to the present. Apparently, as a Managing Partner of The Preferred Client Group here in Raleigh, he is an agent for linsco securities.

Nasd also lists him as working for a lot of different companies over the years including this curious entry:


A Mr Roy Mintz jr is listed on the board of that bank and their website says:

Securities, Insurance and Advisory services offered through Linsco/Private Ledger.
A registered investment advisor. Member NASD &SIPC.
Not FDIC Insured - No Bank Guarantee - May Lose Value
Not a Deposit - Not Insured By Any Federal Government Agency
Security Savings Bank and Security Wealth Management are not
registered broker/dealers and are not affiliated with Linsco/Private Ledger.

I don't understand how linsco's website can list Mintz as their agent and yet Security Savings bank has the above disclaimer on their site. Maybe someone can explain that to me since I am not a securities expert?

I am also curious about a slew of e-mails from a realestate development lobbyist working for Ruffus'law firm telling me I should be ashamed of my self for essentially making public the very public facts from Mintz's past and daring to question his conversion. It's also noteworthy that that same law firm has the video poker industry as a client and that a certain MINTZ, HOWARD EARL JR gave $1000 to the industry.


Now I know there are a lot of Mintz's down there in Southport so it may just be a very odd coincidence but it strikes me a bit too much of a coincidence.

It would be nice if Mr Mintz would release a complete work history, the names of the many successful companies his web site says he started and an accurate history of exactly where his primary and secondary residences have been since he graduated HS since he uses that as a starting point on his website.

Great work, bajadudes.

Maybe some of the reporters who swing by here every now and then will join you in doing their job.

you expect the press to do their job? don't hold your breath!

I have spoken to several reporters about Chris Mintz and how even a little bit of checking up on what he says does make one wonder if he is telling the truth or not.

"black sheep" of a Democratic family? Not hardly - his daddy Colon Shaw Mintz Jr. was registered as a Repub in Wake County. Hard to imagine that Chris can't go visit his dad over the holidays.

The man was registered to vote since 1993, but only voted for the first time in 2005.

Claims to have started several companies in North Carolina? Go check the NC Sec State's corporations page - Chris Mintz is no where to be found on there. SO unless the companies he started as all LLPs for tax shelters (dodges), this also seems not to be true.

I heard Mintz speak at the Western Wake Dems meeting a week or two ago, where he promised that he would not go back to being a Republican. That wasn’t in writing - but even if it was, is that a believable?

On his website he states:

“He began his career with a regional investment firm. There he learned the value of developing lasting relationships with clients and their families built on principles of trust, integrity, and understanding.” I

It’s too bad that value of developing lasting relationships and those principles didn’t seem to apply to a previous employers - or now to political ideology.

Check out the web site - there are some new public record documents from a former employer of Mr. Mintz - Edward Jones that allege Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Violation of NC Trade Secrets Act, Conspiracy to Wrongfully/Secretly Divert 18 million dollars in assets under EJ management.

It alleges that Mr. Mintz quit EJ without notice and immediately went to a competing firm. That last part sounds familiar - it’s like “deja vue” all over again!

In the court records there was no Motion for Summary Judgment, where the defendant claims that the other side has no case. There is in fact no settlement in the record - merely documents that show the case went to the NASD for arbitration. So we don’t have any idea how this matter was settled. But it is interesting that in defending his actions in an affidavit challenging a Temporary Restraining Order, Mr. Mintz claims that he had no chance to negotiate the terms of his employment contract. Join the crowd - the rest of us don’t have that either! But you agreed to those terms, and I am pretty sure that Chris Mintz was adequately compensated for giving up a few things like being able to bolt to another firm with clients and trade secrets.

In that affidavit he also states that a TRO would impair his ability to earn a living in his chosen (and only) profession, and that his customers would be prohibited from having the choice of who handles their investments (or words to that effect) and that he could only handle investments for his family menders and no one else he was not related to. The rights and choices of Edward Jones didn’t seem to matter then - will the Democratic party or voters mean anything in the future if they get in the way of something that Mr. Mintz or his backers want?

But the TRO and the affidavit do seem to point to something that has had me wondering for a while - he does appear to be handling investments for his family. Nothing wrong with that on the face of it. But after Mr. Mintz left EJ, and then left Merrill Lynch, and went to a then left another firm or two (all this according to NASD), he somehow ended up working for a group called Linsco/Private Ledger but out of a wealth management arm of Security Savings Bank in Southport, NC. NASD Broker Search still has him listed as working for them. Nowhere on NASD does it show him working for Milestone Wealth Management or for The Preferred Client Group. The Security Wealth Management web page still shows Chris and his wife on “the team” and living down there. There is a Roy Mintz, Jr. on the Board of Directors of the bank - nothing wrong with setting your relatives up with some work if they need it - and also a “Wilbur E. Rabon” (presumably a relative of someone on Governor Easley’s staff). One big happy “family” it seems.

Mr. Mintz asked what was presumably a rhetorical question at the Western Wake Dems meeting “what opportunity are you taking advantage of by running for this seat?” And he did not deny that he was being backed by devilment interests. Could it be that he is going to really take care of the investment “family” in the NC Legislature?

But if Mr. Mintz would jump around from firm to firm in violation of an employment contract when it suits him and his clients, doesn’t that sound like what he did when he defected from the GOP and registered as a Democrat and ran for office? He rationale for going from EJ to ML didn’t make sense then, and his reasons for switching from GOP to the Democratic party and being able to run only for this one House district 41 seat don’t make much sense now. One suspects that there was another reason for jumping from EJ to ML back in 2000 - as one suspects there is another reason or other reasons for running for the House. Whatever that reason or reasons may be, Democratic voters in his district deserve to know the answers.

I get to vote in this one

I just found out that this is my district (I moved since the last election). At first I saw this guy switching parties as a sign that the Republican brand was getting weak, but now I am not so sure that it is not a scam like this post lays out. One thing is for sure, I am not going to vote for him.

He should've run for state Senate

The dumbest part of this is that we have NO CANDIDATE in Senate district 15.

I've met Mintz at Wake Democratic Men's Club meetings, and he seems like a nice enough guy, but if our club members' reactions to him are any indicator, he doesn't stand a chance against Ty...

especially considering

that Mintz lives in the 15th district and he was specifically asked by multiple Dem party leaders to please run against Hunt. It just kinda makes you really wonder what his true motivations are. The thing is how can you believe anything he says when he is so prone to going back on his word. Sure he sounds good and says all the right things at appearances but just how sincere can he be when there is so much evidence in his past that he simply seems to say whatever the audience he is speaking to needs to hear.

For instance on Nov 4th in an e-mail to fellow Republicans he says:

"During the past year we have begun the process of revitalizing our club. This began with the step of moving our meetings to the breakfast hour, a meeting time that is more conducive for busy businesspeople and elected officials. While we have made progress, there is still much work to be done. I am confident that the new leadership team will continue to focus on building our club while promoting the core beliefs that we as conservatives share.

I would like to thank Frank Williams for his hard work and INTERNET savvy, Bill and Phyllis Bryson for their dedication to the club and all that they do for the Republican party, and finally, thank you to all of our loyal members who have demonstrated their support over the past several months and regularly attended our meetings.

I look forward to seeing you all at our coming meetings as I will continue to be a faithful member of the club.

Chris Mintz"

Then 4 weeks later he defects the GOP and says he was a Democrat all along. Come on gimmie a break. The Indians called it "white man speaking with forked tongue"

Can you honestly believe he has the trust and integrity to be a state legislator?

Come on, BD . . .

he'd be a PERFECT Republican legislator.