Republican proposes method for Burr to attack Roy Cooper

If it weren't so sad it would be funny. I don't know who this Guarino person is, but when a friend sent me a link to this I had to point out just how easy it could be to win in November 2010 if this guy has anything to do with Burr's strategy. His proposal? Attack Roy Cooper on the Eve Carson Murder.

First, we need to recall the murder of Eve Carson, the UNC student leader, by a probation violator. The News and Observer in Raleigh subsequently did a series that exposed the utter failure of the North Carolina probation system.


Roy Cooper did not have direct control over the probation function within state government.

So, the plan is to attack Cooper on something he had no control over. Sounds good. I also think the public will appreciate seeing Eve Carson trotted out as Exhibit A for Republicans in 2010. Advising Burr to use Eve Carson in that way sounds about right if you're a heartless bastard who takes advantage of horrific murders of young women.

But wait! It gets better. He explains why Cooper should wear Eve Carson's murder around his neck.

He has had the power of a bully pulpit with his position to advocate for a stronger probation system within our state government; and he could have used his position of leadership to bring people and agencies together to maximize crime control.

But he did not do so.

In other words, Guarino is advising Republicans to attack Cooper because he didn't take advantage of Eve Carson's murder to speak from his bully pulpit on something Guarino himself admits Cooper had no control over.

Please, oh please, oh please let this guy be in charge.


Run, Roy, Run

I do hope Cooper is our candidate, but if not...Grier Martin might step up to the plate.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The rumors are flying

that Cooper will announce in the next couple of weeks.

I hope so!

Let the Fund Raising Begin!!!!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!


Whenever you find a blog where the infamous "Bubba" has posted a comment, say a small prayer of thanks that BlueNC is not similarly plagued.

Maybe David Ward, the current Burr spokesbot, is taking his messaging cues from Guarino. In which case, Roy's home free.

Isn't there a Bubba at Ed's place?

Yeah...poor David Ward...getting his lunch et.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Used to be

I'm not really sure of all the details, but I read somewhere that he challenged Ed to ban him. Bubba's not very easy to like, but he's not a mindless asshole either. When he does spend more time exploring an issue and less time on personal attacks, his reasoning skills are apparent. I only wish he chose the former more often.

2000 election

Republicans keep bringing up the 2000 election say Cooper did everything he could to smear his opponent that year. Anyone know anything about that election?