The Republican PAC filming everything Hagan and other Dem candidates say

Slate has a piece this morning about a Republican PAC funded by Matt Rhodes, the former campaign manager for Mitt Romney. America Rising is videotaping and collecting every public utterance by key Democratic candidates in senate and house races, part of an effort in "opposition research" by the party. They have a full-time staff of almost 50 people and have an expected budget of $10 to $15 million.

“Something in a research file now that doesn’t seem relevant may be relevant six months from now,” says Pounder. “The benefit of working on this full time, through the cycle, is that you’ll stay aware of it.”

It's the Republican response to the American Bridge project on the Dem side.

One of the candidates they're watching, of course, is Kay Hagan as they concentrate on districts and states where Romney had a base of support to turn out the vote.

I've often thought that a "crowdsourced" effort could do something similar for state level races by progressives and Dems. Anyone aware of an effort by either party to systematically collect audio and video of NC candidates?


by the way

If you see one of America Rising's staff filming at an event or gathering, don't expect them to be upfront or necessarily truthful about who they are.

It's not an uncommon tactic. During the 1993 March on Washington and other LGBT events, cameramen from Pat Robertson's "700 Club" and other anti-gay groups identified themselves as CNN reporters.

We need to be doing this too...

... if we aren't already! I've heard that some GOP weenies restrict any videotaping at their events.

Tape them! They are certain to lie and say something racist or embarrassing.