Republican NC Senate candidate hit with restraining order

Dude sounds like a real winner:

The couple married in June 2018 after knowing each other for three years. They met when she was in his gun store shopping for a firearm. Dennis Nielsen is 71. Karen Nielsen is 50, according to court records. “Some of these females like to find a gentleman and have more money,” Dennis Nielsen said. Karen Nielsen said that was a joke because her husband doesn’t have any real money.

Staying with friends, Dennis Nielsen said he hasn’t been home since being served with the court order. He also said he had to close his gun store because he’s not allowed to be in possession of firearms while the order is in effect.

FWIW, a "gentleman" doesn't push his wife down a flight of stairs. This is another advantage of being a Democrat, frankly. While we may have our fair share of lunatics, we only allow a limited range of crazy to survive in our ranks, and gun-toting wife-beaters fall (far) outside that zone. Here's more, but you may need a barf bag handy:

Dennis Nielsen provided the court documents to the newspaper, saying the paperwork is proof any woman can say whatever she wants and officials will now automatically believe her.

“I know this is not going to help me, but people need to know what can happen,” Dennis Nielsen said.

Gaining momentum in recent years, #MeToo involves women taking a stand against harassment and violence by Hollywood moguls, politicians and corporate leaders. A backlash has taken shape in which men accused of such actions claim they’re victims of false or trumped-up charges.

Dennis Nielsen compared himself to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who faced groping accusations during his 2018 confirmation hearings.

Sadly enough, that Kavanaugh comment will probably earn him some votes with local GOPers. But hopefully not enough to get him past the Primary.



I hate having to write about

crap like this, because it has the flavor of gossipy tabloid stuff.

But misogyny and abuse have to be addressed whenever they show up, because the courts can't change society. That's not their job. Their job is to intervene and "resolve" individual issues like this, which often leads to little or no real punishment.

So it's left up to society to police itself, and that may be best accomplished using "shame." Not just shaming the abuser, but demonstrating that the behavior itself is shameful, and will no longer be ignored or rationalized. Men who read stories like this might not change what they believe, but it may force them to keep those beliefs to themselves, and the actions that they may have contemplated. That may be all the victory we can hope for.