Republican Mike Causey to take second run at Wayne Goodwin

Mike Causey was previously a 2012 Republican candidate for North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance in the 2012 election. Wayne Goodwin has given no indication of plans to step down and is the presumptive Democratic Candidate again in 2016. Here is how their race against one another in 2012 came out:

2012 Insurance Commissioner Race in North Carolina:
Repbublican Mike Causey ran for North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance in 2012. He faced James McCall and Richard Morgan in the Republican primary on May 8. Since no candidate won 40% of the vote, the top two vote-getters, Morgan and Causey, went head-to-head in a primary runoff on July 17. Causey won the runoff and lost to incumbent Wayne Goodwin, who was unopposed in the Democratic primary, in the general election on November 6, 2012.

North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance General Election, 2012
Candidate and Party
Democratic Wayne Goodwin Incumbent 51.9%
Republican Mike Causey 48.1%
Total Votes 4,292,945

In the 2014 Republican Primary for U.S. House, North Carolina District 6 Republican Primary, 2014,
Causey in 7th place out of nine candidate with 1,427 vote= 3.2% of total votes cast.

Mike Causey is pushing a "free market economy" approach to the job of Commissioner. He advocates letting the market decide insurance carrier's rates. He would be a disaster for North Carolina. I am a former insurance company underwriter and a former licensed insurance agent. Perhaps that is why I was contacted on LinkedIn and asked to support Causeyfor Commissioner.

I am also a Business Economics major, and I can tell you that the "free market economy" Causey promotes is a figment of econ profs imaginations. See the info about recent Nobel Prize winner from Princeton, who won the prize for debunking many of these free market theories. They call economics "the dismal science." The only thing dismal is when people shape the theories without using real life situations, when those situations disprove their theory. Economics is part math and part imagination. The free market ideologists lack imagination.



Causey's FIFTH run for Insurance Commissioner

It's true. He ran 3 times against Jim Long and now a 2nd time against me. So, he's run and lost for the same office in 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2012. And, he managed or advised the GOP nominees in 2004 and 2008. In effect, he's been involved as the non-prevailing candidate or senior advisor for this same office consistently for 24 years.

By the way, Causey may have a GOP primary: Heather Grant of Wilkes County announced last May.

I have recently announced for reelection.