Republican Candidates Not Sure Where They Live

NCGOP infighting is like chocolate: enjoying it as much as I do is surely wrong, but it feels so right. The Jacksonville Daily News offers up this amusing article about Republicans challenging other Republicans' residency regarding house races.

[District 14 challenger and Republican Keith] Williams, who wasn’t aware his residency was challenged until he was contacted by The Daily News, said he has lived at 653 Parkertown Road since January 2004, although he is only there on the weekends.

“I stay in the Raleigh area because I have a job there,” he said. “I stay here during the week and go home on the weekend.”

[District 14 incumbent Republican George] Cleveland said the Parkertown Road residence is the home of Williams’ parents. If Williams came home every weekend to their residence, he could claim Onslow County as his county of residence. But he doesn’t, Cleveland said.

“I personally don’t think he comes here on weekends,” Cleveland said. “I’ve talked to many people in that area of the community, and they’ve never seen him.”

The Daily News, Jacksonville NC

Williams goes on to say that Cleveland is "playing little games" and calling the accusation "crap," and Cleveland end up calling his challenger's integrity and character into question. And this is only one of two races described in the article! I should be allowed to start every day like this.


Home alone 3?

Homeless faith base Group Started for Homeless Republicans!

A group of faith base preachers has started a Homeless
outsource center to help Republican candiates find political residences.
The new center will provide a sleeping bag and brown bag lunches
to candiates along with orange kool aid. The candiates must
report in every nite by 9 pm and be in their sleeping bags by
10 pm. Donations are accepted. Make checks payable to the Jack
Abramsoff, Scooter Libby, Tom Delay Homeless Defense fund.

In Art Pope's name! Amen!

Rev Al


I want to volunteer in the soup kitchen.

You are hired!

Report to the soup division! Your first soup will be Lamb
stew! Remember to serve only spoon full to each candiate!
The rest of soup will become a thousand loafs of cornmeal
and 45 million McFish burgers. Put one drop of Orange cool
Aid into the paper cup and it will become a bottle of cheap wine
from the O'Reilly Fox f##k this liberal commiee show.

Be sure to tuck the candiates into their sleeping bags and
read them a bedtime story about how Brother Pat shot the bad
communist in Latin America in the name of Jesus.

Yours for better Pope soup in the dope!

Rev AL