Republican attacks on renewable energy continue


Here's hoping Santa gives them a lump of coal ash in their stockings this year:

A three-year ban on new wind farms throughout much of eastern North Carolina cleared the Senate Wednesday on a divided vote.

Sponsors said, much as they did last week, that they hope to remove the moratorium language from the bill before it's final. But Senate Bill 377 moved from the Senate to the House with the moratorium language intact and would ban windmills in wide swaths of the state to protect corridors military pilots use for training.

If they really wanted to remove the moratorium, they would have (should have) already done so. As it stands, this is the equivalent of a used car salesman saying, "Buy this car as it is, and we'll have our mechanics fix it for you when they get a chance." It's not just wind energy, Solar Farms are also in the GOP's crosshairs:

Supporters said Senate Bill 568 would make North Carolina one of the first states in the nation to plan ahead on the recycling and disposal of solar panel components. The industry pushed back Wednesday, its lobbyists saying the bill is a disincentive for investors looking at growing industry.

"It's a 'solution' looking for a problem," said Chris Carmody, executive director for the North Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance.

Carmody said the end-of-life horizon for most solar farms is at least 20 years away, leaving plenty of runway for study before regulation. He accused Sen. Paul Newton, R-Cabarrus, a former Duke Energy executive and the bill's lead sponsor, of "imposing a whole lot of costs on an industry he doesn't like."

Under Newton's bill, solar components that can be reused or recycled must be, and other components would be disposed as DEQ prescribes. Sites generally would have to be cleaned up within two years. The bill also includes an annual $2,500 registration fee for solar panel manufacturers selling their panels in the state.

We would be "one of the first states in the nation" doing this because it's too stupid for other states to even consider.

Both of these bills need to be Vetoed, when and if they make it all the way to Governor Cooper's desk.