Representative Sydney Batch deserves a medal

And Tim Moore deserves a swift kick in the pants:

Batch underwent a mastectomy in early May after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She had planned to take at least three weeks off to recover, but was forced to come back to work early after she and other Democrats realized their GOP colleagues were trying to capitalize on her absence in order to pass this bill. “Moore is well aware of what’s happening with me and that I’m dealing with ongoing treatment,” she added. “I have not asked for a lot.”

Clemmons and Jackson, who is minority leader of the state House, said Batch, a working mother of two, was in pain and visibly shaking when she showed up for the last few House sessions. Clemmons has driven Batch to and from sessions since she’s still too weak to drive herself.

I hesitate to discuss the details (which I don't know), but odds are it's not just the surgery she's dealing with. There's Chemo and radiation to consider, both of which can be hell to deal with. Make no mistake, the scheduling and then postponing of this override vote is an attempt to wear her down physically, and Tim Moore should be ashamed of himself:

“[We’re] watching her sit on the House floor, obviously in pain, because of games that are being played,” Clemmons said. “And the games that are being played are to subvert the will of the voters of our state who voted for Democrats to have a voice.”

When reached for comment, Moore sidestepped the foul play accusation and focused on the “Born Alive” bill.

“Democrats are criticizing the standard House procedure of noticing a veto override on the calendar ahead of time to distract from their opposition to the actual bipartisan bill, which bans an absolutely heinous practice of killing babies who weren’t successfully aborted after they are born,” he said. “We continue to pursue additional Democratic votes to take a stand for living, breathing North Carolinians who are born alive in this state and will hold a vote on the veto override when we have enough of their support to approve the bill.”

It is not "standard House procedure" to head-fake a vote ten times (and counting), and if you were genuinely "pursuing" Democratic votes, you would wait until you had them before scheduling said vote. You're just playing games and waiting for the odds to turn up in your favor. which is the very definition of being a coward.



Moore's not ashamed

He's proud of his credentials as a forced-birther zealot. If he can get the bill passed and make a Democrat suffer ... and possibly die ... along the way, he'll consider that a job well done.

Sanctity of life ... my ass.