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The Asheville Citizen-Times, playing johnny-come-lately behind we Hooligans in reporting the DCCC's NC-11 ad buy, has this quote from Charles Taylor's camp:

"Taylor, in a statement released Sunday, said the DCCC was resorting to “outright lies” in its ads.

“It should surprise no one that Congressman Taylor continues to oppose increases in the federal minimum wage,” the statement said. “The federal government cannot legislate prosperity, and the prevailing wage in WNC is already far beyond current and proposed federal minimum wages.

“It is reprehensible, however, for Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the DCCC to stoop to outright lies in their campaign to use hundreds of thousand of dollars of liberal special interest money to try to buy the voice of the people of the 11th district.”

Taylor's mouthpiece doesn't identify what facts in the ads might be deemed "lies". In his own ad, Taylor conveys the message that Heath Shuler is a liberal who will be voted into office by illegal immigrants. Shuler is no liberal, and only a race-baiting, fear-mongerer like Charles Taylor belives that hordes of illegals are going to sweep Democrats into office. So what are the lies, Congressman Taylor?

The fact that Taylor has never supported a minimum wage increase is patently true. If Taylor had his way, then there would have been no minimum wage increases since he was elected to office in 1990. The federal minimum wage was $3.80/hour in 1990. Since he hasn't worked to roll back previous wage increases, it would be safe to say that Taylor supports a minimum wage of $3.80/hour. In the sixteen years since then, the minimum wage has risen $1.35 while inflation and the cost of living in America have risen far faster.

Charles Taylor does not support workers. He failed to lead during the CAFTA debate. He has watched as our good paying jobs have left the district. Those jobs are now being replaced at a slow pace by low-wage service jobs, the kinds of jobs at which people often make minimum wage. "The prevailing wage" Taylor speaks of may be some sort of average income, but it's entirely disingenuous to suggest to the poor people of NC-11 that they're doing just fine.

"...stoop to outright lies in their campaign to use hundreds of thousands of dollars of liberal special interest money to try to buy the voice of the people of the 11th district." - You were bought for only $27,700 from Jack Abramoff, Congressman Taylor. Are you suggesting that the voters of NC-11 ought to demand much less? The DCCC is not a "special interest" group, they are a partisan political group. You would love for the NRCC to spend some money in this district, but you know they won't. Your history of dumping "hundreds of thousands of dollars" of your own money into media lies and smears has shown them that they need not spend the Party's money here.

Charles Taylor's record of lies and worker neglect is the only thing "reprehensible" here.

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is a horse's ass. I'd like to see how long he could last on $3.80 an hour. Of course, he would probably pull a Ken Lay in Aspen first.

Illegal Immigrants

can't vote, Chuck. And you not knowing that is just one more reason why we need to kick your ass out of Congress.

Legal immigrants

Legal immigrants can't vote either unless they become citizens. This is such a scare tactic by the GOP.

This is all fallout

From that extremely unfortunate joke or mis-speak by Francine Busby on the eve of the election in CA-50. The GOP knew the minute they heard it what would be in their flyers and radio ads. Thanks, Francine.

Everybody can help, yeah, absolutely, you can all help. You don’t need papers for voting, you don’t need to be a registered voter to help.

The point, of course,

Is that Busby was encouraging everyone to help GOTV. She was encouraging even those that couldn't vote to help her campaign. She was NOT advocating voter fraud.

Taylor doesn't care what the truth is, though. He's intent on painting Shuler as an illegal-immigrant loving liberal.

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That was hilarious

I know of 4 or 5 Republican adulterers.....and they've all given money to Robin Hayes. :)

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