Rep.Goforth & Sen.Snow come through for NC Veterans!

To My Brother & Sister Veterans of the Great State of N.C. And those especially within the 11th Congressional District. I commend each of you and “Thank You For Your Service”! I want to spend just a moment to bring some facts to you. Some facts, That not only I feel you should know ,But if the spineless, corrupt, politicians now in control of the US Congress & Senate would wake up and realize their moral & Ethical Obligation to us ,they would want you to know!

Yes our Veterans Data was illegally handled by a VA Employee. Yes it was stolen. And the IG did his investigation and he is the one person in this whole affair that deserves any respect from us, the United States Veterans. Now, This Past Saturday I had the chance to listen to current Congressman Charles Taylor. Now Taylor in his flier released this week and in recent newspaper articles, has tried to give us the impression that it was a done deal. But I find this funny as Saturday he was speaking on it and made the statement that if it doesn't go thru then we have the money to buy it with! Whoa! I thought you already said we had it Mr. Taylor.

If you, my fellow Veterans have time please go to .This site is ran by Larry Scott of the VFW in Washington. You will find a lot of information you never knew. Now, Last week on the 21st, VA Secretary Jim Nicholson took the liberty of withdrawing the 1.6 Million dollars pulled from construction to pay for year long credit checks for us. Now ,Larry Craig-R of the House Veterans Affairs Board wants to use the construction money to fund the Tricare program. This means should Craig's idea be accepted you can forget any new clinics or hospital on the FBI's statement that the data was not compromised, however when the IG had the computer checked over at NSA or the other agency,I cant remember this is what was found. This was not a VA issue computer, The employee had turned that one in in January06. This was his private computer. When he downloaded the data to it's external drive the info was uncripted and the employee never re-encrypted it. The IG reported that a 2 yr old could have accessed the info. A good criminal would wait to use it. I just so happened to get a letter out of Jacksonville,Fla. over the weekend that is asking for my Medicare # and my SSN.

I am set up to see a Medicare rep about this because the company I had to get my O2 concentrator has ties to a parent company in Fla but I had already received a statement from Nashville,TN, which is where they normally come from showing payment had already been made. Of course the Medicare group just turns around and gets reimbursed by the va for it. That has already taken place. Now, Mr. Taylor's little flier is full of information he could not give on Saturday and he even admitted to not knowing about the VA Sec withdrawing funding or the IG report! In his flier ,Taylor basically gives info that any credit bureau would provide, nothing more and I would even consider using it to start a fire or to wipe my U know what!

But ,My fellow Brother & Sister Vet's, you can rest easy ! Why ? Well, I did say I felt you deserved to know the facts didn't I? Have we not been lied to ,Craped on, and treated by our Congressmen & Senators like we are second class citizens long enough? It is time for actions like those I just described to STOP! It is time we ,the Veterans of North Carolina,of America, who served and fought for the right we have to come here to this great site and write our truths to receive the Respect & Dignity we are overdue in receiving from those Congressmen & Senators.

I thank the Good Lord above though, that he has place 2 men in the N.C. General Assembly. Two men who understand our situation and are constantly working to do something about it. Because of them we now have
HB2883 , The NC Service Members And Veterans/ID Theft Act which has now become law. Rep. Bruce Goforth-D of Buncombe County District115 Sponsored it and Senator John Snow-D of Senate Dist. 50 and a US Army Vet, A former 1st Lt. Was responsible for seeing it make it thru the NC Senate. Truly, without their help we would be at a great loss because of what someone at the federal deems necessary. If you get a chance, Check out the NC General Assembly Site. Get the e-mail for each and send them a note of Thanks, They deserve it. And I can tell you this reference my report about Saturday, You don't have to sit thru 1 & ½ hrs of a boring Taylor speech to get a anwser. I took the liberty of posting the bill below! Personally, I think it is great of them to do this!


SESSION LAW 2006-158

AN ACT to protect military Servicemembers and veterans from identiTy theft.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. G.S. 75‑63(o) reads as rewritten:
"(o) This section does not prevent a consumer reporting agency from charging a fee of no more than ten dollars ($10.00) to a consumer for each freeze, removal of the freeze, or temporary lifting of the freeze for a period of time, regarding access to a consumer credit report, except that a consumer reporting agency may not charge any fee to aany of the following:
(1) A victim of identity theft who has submitted a copy of a valid investigative or incident report or complaint with a law enforcement agency about the unlawful use of the victim's identifying information by another person.
(2) A veteran who has received notification from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs indicating that the veteran's information is, or may be, included in the information involved in the Department of Veterans Affairs' data breach, first announced on May 22, 2006; provided that the application for a freeze includes the notification and proof of status as a veteran as defined in this subdivision. As used in this subsection, the term "veteran" means a veteran, as defined in G.S. 126‑81, a member of the armed forces of the United States, as defined in G.S. 165‑20, or a member of the North Carolina National Guard.
(3) Persons who are the authorized agents of, or receive benefits from the State or federal government based on a relationship to, a veteran who would or could qualify under subdivision (2) of this subsection."
SECTION 2. From the effective date of this act through July 1, 2007, there shall be no fee charged by a consumer reporting agency for the removal of a security freeze by persons who, prior to the expiration date set forth in Section 3 of this act, placed a freeze under G.S. 75‑63(o)(2) and G.S. 75‑63(o)(3), as set forth in Section 1 of this act.
SECTION 3. This act is effective when it becomes law. Section 1 of this act shall be effective for a minimum of 90 days from the date this act becomes law, but otherwise shall expire on January 1, 2007, or upon the United States Department of Veterans Affairs implementing a program that will pay for a subscription to a credit monitoring program for persons eligible for a fee waiver under G.S. 75‑63(o)(2) and G.S. 75‑63(o)(3), whichever event occurs first.
In the General Assembly read three times and ratified this the 13th day of July, 2006.

s/ Beverly E. Perdue
President of the Senate

s/ James B. Black
Speaker of the House of Representatives

s/ Michael F. Easley

Approved 1:53 p.m. this 23rd day of July, 2006