Rep. Larry Kissell's First Floor Speech is in support of SCHIP

Rep. Larry Kissell spoke for the first time on the floor of the United States House this morning. While he stood and spoke in full support of SCHIP, he also requested that his amendment to alter the funding be considered. Full implementation of the tobacco tax will hurt North Carolina industry and many families who at this time still have work in the tobacco industry in this state.

Congressman Kissell isn't proposing that the industry not be taxed, but that the tax should get phased in over time to lessen the impact of the tax on the industry in hopes of stanching the hemorrhage of jobs in the 8th District.



I think he did a great job

Tobacco is still important to the economy of this state whether we like it or not. I'm not a fan of tobacco or the industry, but I'm also not a fan of taking away someone's livelihood before we have some other opportunity to offer them. I'm all for shrinking the industry, but there is a time and a place for everything. Let's bring in some more job opportunities and get our high schools, community colleges and colleges prepped for retraining our workforce and then we can slash the tobacco industry.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And Kissell is a demo??????

Geeezzz.....I L I K E this guy.

Absolutely nothing he said is "political". It's just totally common sense.

He's got two thumbs up from me on what he said in his very first presentation in the U.S. Congress.

With regard to tobacco...I believe there is tax revenue there we're missing. If people want to smoke, they can smoke with a cost. We have a very low tax on tobacco in NC vs. other states. It's a revenue cow we need to milk in my view.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

He's a good guy.

There's never been any doubt about that. :)

Speaking of...

He's definitely a good guy, and he's having a thing Friday in Biscoe:

I believe taking a public oath of office at home in my district is important and I want you there with me. Please join me at East Montgomery High School Auditorium in Biscoe (where I used to teach) on Friday, January 16th at 5pm.

I'm very possibly going to make the drive, even though I'm not one of his constituents. I just really like the guy.

I may be going too!

My daughter just sprung on me she wants to go to a sleepover, though. I'm thinking she'll have to wait until her dad comes home.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The Invitation Upset Me

I really, really wanted to go. I am going to Virginia for birthdays and to babysit so my daughter and niece can go to the inauguration.


You are a very good grandmother/mom

I was offered tickets to the inauguration, but hadn't planned on going. I'm sure I could have scrounged up a floor to sleep on, but my daughter really isn't much into crowds and I wouldn't go through all that mess for anyone but one of my own children. I will tape all the festivities and will watch with my children Tuesday evening with cake and a special meal.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What a pleasure to have a sane

and articulate man representing the good people of the 8th District! Well done.

Good job!

He's already making us proud!

He did great!

And sounded so real - none of that "policy number 576A under article 407 of the 11th amendement when the moon is in the 7th house" gibberish. He makes a great point in a simple way. I loved it!

Kissell is a winner...but we've got to start thinking outside

the box about taxation.

(I'm a smoker...and tobacco is already heavily taxed. Because only about 20% of the populace smokes, the legislature will easily do whatever they wish and lots of people will say that's a good thing for whatever their reasons are. But, that's not my point.)

Our economy is in the toilet. The real unemployment number (new claims) for December (not the "seasonally adjusted" pap) was over 700,000.
With the diminishing velocity of money and the corresponding fall in our GDP, Government is in deep trouble. Let's face it, every time you don't spend a dollar the Guvmint doesn't collect it's sales tax and so on...and it's an ever diminishing spiral that spells real trouble.

The gasoline tax collections are now the State want to tax miles driven. It's going to get worse...on every front.

And see something like this
"yesterday, Donald Kohn, Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors testified before the House Financial Services Committee and refused to say where the Fed has (just recently) put $1.2 trillion of Federal Reserve money."

How do any of you think we can sustain this? Where is this money coming from? Who will have to pay it back? How will that be done? About a year from now (my guess) when the real unemployment numbers are 20-25%, taxing tobacco or anything else is going to be small potatoes...because people won't be buying much of anything except necessities.

Thank you GW Bush...and all the "fiscal conservatives" in the Republican party and all the fiscal "Blue Dogs" who have had their heads conveniently buried up their backsides while this disaster was buildiing in plain sight.

Pretty soon the state will have to tax toilet paper and the air we breathe if they want to collect the money they say they need.

Stan Bozarth

Print MO paper currency!

How do any of you think we can sustain this? Where is this money coming from?* Stan

Like most political fools in this day and time. They simply believe there is a magic money paper currency machine in every Kroger's that produces this instant bailout paper money.

Nowhere in ancient and modern history, has a civilzation surived for any lenght of time with the clip of the coin [The Clip of a coin statement came from the ancient Roman Empire when the Emperor cut the Silver of Gold content of the coin to a lower percent] or debasing it's money system with paper currency with no real wealth or assets behind it......In short, The Bailout statement means clip of the coin to it's citizens and the fastest way to a debtor prison...

And yet, all major politicians from both parties ask for it

Bush, Obama, name it. They're ALL asking for the printing presses/debt department to keep it going.

Bush is being put out to, what's the demo's excuse?

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Get off it, Smitty...

While Congress, regardless of party, is complicit in this mess, for 6 0f the past eight years the Republicans have controlled the oversight committees and the legislative process. Even during the past two years the Democrats in the Senate have been unable to get the necessary votes to do much of anything...and when they did, Shit-for-brains vetoed it.

Bush is leaving a colossal mess. No one in history, except Lincoln, has had to face the problems Obama will face...and those are just the one's on his plate NOW.

I'm not a Clinton fan. Either of them. Bill is dishonest and screwed this nation with his NAFTA debacle...and Bush just picked up where he left off and did a really good job of destroying everything he touched. He's a total jerk-off.

The fact that Bush is "out to pasture" is irrelevant. Where he needs to be is in chains in front of a court of law facing charges for everything from shredding our Constitution to being held responsible for the deaths of 10's of thousands of people....and knowingly allowing his "base" to steal the taxpayers blind.

What, Smitty, is the effing Republican excuse? It was, and still is, on a REPUBLICAN watch.

Deaf, dumb and blind....or just corrupt beyond belief?

By the way...right now the printing presses are the only thing keeping this country out of the worst depression EVER. However, when the nations that hold our debt (T-Bills) want us to pay up...they're not going to be happy about getting a deflated dollar. Who knows what that will cause. Obama will need all his skills...and he won't need uninformed partisan criticism from guys like you....or the current line of bullshit from conservative radio morons who can't find their own asses with both hands. We better ALL get behind Obama. He's gonna need help.

Stan Bozarth

Yeah...I hear ya, Stan

Can't argue anything with regard to the Bushman and the "go along" republican congress for 6 years.

However....Obama is going right along on the same lines. Yeah, I know he has to "do something" or we're doomed. But, hey, he's not even in office yet so maybe I'm a little premature here. I do know what Obama & Co. has said insofar as how they're gonna deal with the economic crisis Bush is leaving. Bush had to deal with a recession when he took office, albeit not NEARLY as devastating as this. He dealt with it....successfully.

Hope prez Obama can deal with this debacle.

I know Bush is leaving a mess...I'll not argue that for one moment.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I'm a repub...not an idiot

Which you could probably argue, I'm sure...but, yeah, I know that.

We could argue how that "surplus" came about and so forth, but that's for another thread.

Look....I'm not gonna say it again, Stan. I KNOW the Bushman is leaving Obama in a mess.

Again....I hope Obama can get us out of this thing.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Confession is good for the soul of a repubs and idiots?

I'm a repub...not an idiot* Smitty on a bad day about his political persona.

Either way! You have confirmed which most folks think now after the last election.

Have you consider another career in retardation politics? I under Joe The Plumber is looking for assocates to carry his brain when doing reporting from Israel.

Outstanding New Member

How many times did Rep. Kissell say working people?
How many time did the former rep say working people?
Having a Congressman for the working people?

BTW: Y'all stop suffering smitty.

The essence of trade unionism is social uplift. The labor movement has been the haven for the dispossessed, the despised, the neglected, the downtrodden, the poor.--A. Phillip Randolph

Rep Kissell is going to kick some legislative ass

Smitty is the usual winger that likes to play "I know you are but what am I" games.

I prefer Kissell and moving forward with America.

Yeah, Smit. ON to the 18th Century! HO!!!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

You've missed my posts about Kissell

I have had nothing but kudos for Kissell. I've said a number of times here..."I LIKE the guy".

Get a clue, funluvn.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Smitty is helping George Bush to pack this weekend?

From: Jack Dawsey

Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009
Subject: Outgoing President Bush

I read today that official surveys on the "approval or disapproval" of an outgoing President began over 70-years ago. Until today, President Harry S. Truman held the record of the lowest rating for any outgoing President since the survey started. Mr. Truman left office at a 29% approval rating, very low for Presidential standards, particularly when America boasted of a total population of @125-million people. Personally, I kinda' liked HST. He was a plain spoken man, (like me, uneducated and backwards; and too, he knew how to give cussing lessons. Now that's something I know how to do. If you ever need a lesson, just call on me.
Today however, the Father of phonies, the Father of spurious Republicans, George W. Bush, is leaving office. He is departing at a 22% rating. Just think about it. 78% of 325 million Americans don't like him, period. What a waste of human flesh. George Bush is a disgrace to his father and his mother in Houston, Texas. He is a disgrace to the Republican Party, (having destroyed the Grand Ole Party (GOP) for at least one generation, and maybe two). He is a disgrace to the human race, (I frankly would like to see him tried for lying and for war-crimes, along with a few others from the Bush Administration). He is a waste and disgrace to the American people, (and to the English language). He is even a disgrace to the Iraqi people whom he purported to have freed from oppression; hence, not one shoe but two were thrown at him in his last visit over there. Shoe throwing....that's the worse form of disrespect in that culture. And frankly, I don't think the military men in uniform actually like him. They are required to salute him and clap their hands when he gathers them together however.
In my 66-years on this earth, (trying to be a serious student of American history, particularly Presidents of this great country), this fellow Bush; in my opinion ought to be hog-tied, and have a gallon of hot boiling oil poured down his throat much like religious dissenters were treated before occurrence of the Great Reformation of Old Europe.
Question???? Would you like to know how I really, really, really feel about Bush? Not really, I know. But I'm going to impose my opinion on you anyhow because the Internet is free, at least it's free at the moment. Here's my best take.
If I was walking across the Mojave Desert and was stranded in a blistering 135-degree heat, and if I stumbled across George Bush, (lying in a ditch, starving and begging for a drink of water), and if there was no water to be found, not even a drop of cool, clear, water within 100-miles, I don't think that I would as much as take a leak in his mouth. Ya'll have a blessed day.

Aw shucks..I'm only mentioned in the subject line

Dang....I saw my name in the subject line, Dog, but that was it. I'm just so disappointed. Maybe I missed something. You KNOW I have my senior moments.

Yep, that scuzbucket Bush leaves with just a horrible rating. And, If you ask me, it would be less. Now, it wouldn't be less than the democratic congress...what is THAT rating, by the way?

I guess we look at things depending on our own personal political perspective....sound right?

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Thanks a LOT !!

Hey, scharrison, I'm no Bush fan. Can't say that enough here. He and his crew, to me, are the #1 reason my party is in shambles. Yeah, I saw that "hog tie" remark in the post....I'll get the rope ! And, I'm not saying that for "kissy, kissy, smooch, smooch" purposes. Sooner the Bushman get out of our way, sooner we repubs can pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and get-er-going again.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I'll be working on that mtn blue

I sit here with an IV in my arm and an oxygen inhaler in my nose. I'm trying my best to stop suffering.

Hope I accomplish that.

My hope is that our country improves and once again becomes a successful capitalist society. I stand confident that Obama & Co. have that as their goal.

I'm gonna support him...regardless what you feel necessary to do here to present me otherwise.

If he fails...if he shows us that he's more interested in politics than our country as Bush showed us, then you'll hear it from it or not.

The best thinking is independent thinking.