Rep. Larry Kissell At Union County Chamber: Buy American was Bi-partisan Effort

Rep. Larry Kissell was the headliner today at the Union County Chamber of Commerce Freshman Forum. Business leaders and Chamber members gathered to hear the congressman speak about his first month in Washington and to ask questions about the stimulus bill that President Obama signed into law today.

Before taking questions Larry discussed the Kissell Amendment. He stressed that the legislation can be expanded to other agencies in the future and that it is trade compliant. He also said that he had heard from others that the "Buy American" amendments were upsetting people in other countries. Larry's reponse:

I represent the people of the 8th Dstrict of North Carolina in the United States of America. So that's my job.

In other words, his responsibility is to us.

He went on to say that the effort to make sure the amendment was included in the final legislation was a bipartisan effort. Kissell said Senator Kay Hagan worked behind the scenes, but also making phone calls were Rep. Sue Myrick and Rep. Howard Coble. They may not have voted for the bill, but it is nice to know they worked to promote the provisions that could help retain jobs and bring new jobs to their districts.

Jim Carpenter, President of the Chamber, indicated he was disappointed there wasn't more infrastructure spending in the bill. Congressman Kissell said we would get another shot at that later in the year with the transportation and infrastructure bill. He said jobs created by infrastructure spending would start sooner rather than later, referring to Governor Bev Perdue's pledge to be the "poster child" for getting this done right.



Now...I'll go all fan girl on ya

Larry did such a great job. I know I'm not in the least bit objective, but I tried to be yesterday. He is still the same easy going, humble Larry most of us know and love but he is a bit more polished in his delivery. He's bringing a bunch of good old fashioned common sense to the job. I will never regret the hours I volunteered to help get this man elected and I bet a lot of other people feel the same way.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

SO proud.

So great to have a Congressman that has done more in his first month than his predecessor could achieve in 10.

I was at the open house...

...of his congressional office in Concord last night.
I was amazed to see who all showed up, as in who's your friend all of a sudden after you win an election.
Good thing I know Larry remembers who were his friends from the get go :-)