Rep. Brad Miller high on list of likely redistricting victims

Things aren’t looking too good for Representative Brad Miller’s reelection. Over the weekend, The Washington Post listed Miller as the second most likely congressperson to be drawn out of a job.

2. Brad Miller (D-N.C.): Ten years ago, as a state senator, Miller helped draw the lines for his own district. Even Democrats admit it’s a pretty blatant gerrymander. Now that Republicans control the process, it will be easy for them to get revenge by cutting off the the skinny fingers where his district reaches into Democratic territory in Raleigh and Greensboro. Such a change would shift the district instantly into a pretty strong Republican seat. Republicans aim to pick off two or three seats in North Carolina, and none should be easier than Miller’s.

Folks at the NCDP I've talked with seem to believe that this is inevitable. This is sad for any number of reasons but especially so for those of us working to reform the financial industry. Rep Miller was way ahead of everyone else on the sub prime mortgage meltdown and, along with Rep Watt, pushed some very tough regulations against predatory lending through the House.


Brad Miller is North Carolina's most progressive Congressman

It should come as no surprise that Pope has painted a target on Brad's back. I sure hope the NCDP is lawyerin' up to challenge whatever bullshit scheme the GOP comes up with.


PS To those who say "but what about the Dems gerrymandering?" I say, it was wrong then, too. Which is why a non-partisan independent commission is the only way to go. Unfortunately, Pope's Republicans are more interested in paybacks than doing the right thing.

Payback is Hell?

No doubt Art will zap Price district down to nothing..Art Pope Neo-con Republican Fascist Paradise Empire marchs on without oppostion..