A Reminder of Who Gets Served By Democratic Administrations

The great paradox of North Carolina is that during the same that Republicans have been dominating elections for federal office, statewide offices have been controlled overwhelming by the Democrats. That is why in North Carolina we can do this:

Under Easley’s plan, teachers in North Carolina will continue to receive salary increases over the next few years, until their pay is at the national average by the 2008-09 fiscal year. Over each of the next three years, the governor and the legislature has committed a five-percent annual salary increase.

The comparison of the state plan to the No Child Left Behind Act shows the different philosophies of the parties in control. The Democrats do something to attract better teachers by paying them a reasonable salary. Better teachers directly benefit students in the classroom.

The Republicans response is to test despite the fact that there are numerous studies out there that show that testing does not enhance the educational experience of the child. And then accuse the Democrats of being beholden to special interest of teachers.

To me it is obvious that teachers win with Democrats (higher salaries versus more red-tape), but aren't the people who give up monetary advantage to help train future generations the type of people that the government should be helping to win.