REDMAP: You should know that name

Not many know about the Redistricting Majority Project (REDMAP) of the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC). The NCDP has not written a lessons learned from 2010 - but here is is, or a large part of it. I remember Tom Fetzer telling us that they were going to take the state legislatures above all else. And they did it. Read and weep.

Some of were aware that there was a national strategy but even we did not understand its goals and magnitude. But the Kochs and the billionaires did, and they gladly funded it. So the Democratic Party, and in our case the NCDP, winds up like the Post turtle, does not know where he is, does not know how he got there and has no idea what to do now (many thanks to Molly Ivins for all you old folks).

Ok, we have some vague idea what got done to us, how do we go forward. We are like the post turtle. And it is going to take a hell of a lot of work to rebuild and defeat the business community. If you think about it, it us vs Governor Pope and the rich folks - who runs out of money and determination first, cause he is not going to quit until this state is 50th in every category. He is a stone fanatic ideologue and has two or three stables of ideologues. They have bought your "freedoms" and will do with them what they want.

What will you do to change this sorry set of circumstances.



Dems need to respond with BLUEMAP

Thanks a million for bringing my attention to the crucial REDMAP conspiracy to assassinate the Democratic Party and its candidates on a nationwide basis. Democrats need to launch a counter-attack - BLUEMAP. I'm with you on Voller, he has the qualifiations for chair: organizational expertise; strong winning record for Democrats, defeated Amendment One in a rural county and fantastic fundraising.

This article contains some

This article contains some details of the entire process, including this:

"Republican state legislators tasked with redistricting frequently visited and consulted with the mapping team, according to depositions. Even Art Pope, the most influential conservative donor in the state, was appointed “co-counsel” to the legislative leadership and allowed in the room to give direct instructions to the technician.

“We worked together at the workstation,” said Joel Raupe, the technical expert paid by Fair and Legal Redistricting, in a deposition. “He sat next to me.”

Pope, who is a lawyer but does not actively practice, was made co-counsel to the state legislature, offering his services pro bono. Now, because he was technically a legal adviser to the state, he says any information about his involvement in the redistricting is privileged."

Here's the link:

Randy Voller is the choice for NCDP chair

State level Democratic legislative victory, and the power to re-district US Congress seats will require victory in 2020, 8 years off. Whole counties need to share what works in organizing, with other counties. We need to be led by chairs who work in a modern progressive Democratic Party.

Only the feet and the phones used by an army of volunteers who personally care and work hard during the months before an election can beat Art Pope's money. Democrats are not afraid of work.Those feet and phones will need to be directed by data, used for organizing by county chairs and using money raised by county chairs for GOTV efforts, chairs who have never stopped working between elections. This is Randy Voller's constant mantra, and certainly his own example.

In addition to VAN, chairs must get constantly updated, usable statistics from their local Bd of Election, especially during absentee and early voting periods. They can and must provide those numbers, and will do so with leadership from Randy Voller, who is in constant contact with his local B of E. Now that we are facing Voter ID, we must know early on who is registered but may need to vote absentee, or get help organizing paperwork to obtain ID, especially vulnerable groups in our voter base. Pushing the local B of E to provide information is one Randy Voller's skills, and working closely with them this last election, his volunteers got many hundreds to the polls by working out registration and ballot problems during early and absentee voting.

Voller has the practical knowledge and experience the modern progressive NCDP needs. -E. J. Smith


There was a big push to do just that last year, but Herr Berger said there wasn't time to get 'er done ... even though there was time for Art Pope to hire some experts in gerrymandering to push through the most egregiously tortured may of legislative districts in the history of the United States.

Too bad NC doesn't have a resolution process

So voters could put it on the ballot themselves.

I know that's a double-edged sword that could lead to wingnut and corporate proposals like they see in California, but it might be our only shot at a redistricting commission in the next 10 years.

Only one edge that I can see

A state that allowed its democracy to be bought by Art Pope with chump change suggests a level of ignorance and gullibility on the part of average citizens that would make the resolutions process an overwhelmingly negative tool.

We're going to have to fight them another way.