Redistricting woes

The Fix blog in the WaPo had an interesting post earlier this month on what redistricting might look like in North Carolina. Basically, we will have a fight on our hands. I'm not whining. We brought it on ourselves. Heck, even with Democrats drawing the districts, it was a fight for us to send more Democrats than Republicans to Washington. That fact alone should give you some idea of just how screwed we are.

The Tarheel State stands out as the one state where Republicans will be expecting to gain multiple seats in the election following redistricting, and they could gain three or four if things pan out close to perfectly.

Republicans in November secured control of both chambers of the state legislature for the first time since the 1800s, and even though the state has a Democratic governor -- Bev Perdue -- she has no veto power over whatever map the Republicans draw

The article is a couple of weeks old, but please give it a read. There are a lot of scenarios discussed and none of them favor Democrats.

What are your thoughts?


Army of lawyers

For now, the only thing standing between us and a Republican-led theocracy is David Parker's Army of Lawyers. mess has to be tied up on courts ... hopefully forever.

That is what the Republicans did

...and it sometimes tied up elections and moved the primary elections a couple of times. It will be a mess.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It will save a lot of money

It will save a lot of money if the Democrats hire the same lawyers used by the Republicans and if the Republicans hire the same lawyers used by the Democrats. Just substitute names and away we go.

Kissell, McIntyre, Shuler and Miller

Today's paper says they are going after all four. They say it will be "fair and legal" like Fox is "fair and balanced". They probably all have a plan B...other jobs. How much longer will it be before we are a third world country....the poor and the rich, but no middle class?