Red Dome Group has connections to Trump and Manafort

Along with a history of suppressing African-American voters:

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who ran the ’96 convention for Bob Dole’s campaign, has hired Bill Greener, who was the GOP’s convention manager that year, according to two sources familiar with the personnel move. Greener starts work in his new role Thursday in Cleveland. A spokesperson for Trump did not respond to a request for comment.

For the 1996 convention, Manafort and Greener took cues from television infomercials to direct a fast-paced, entertaining program that reimagined the political convention format and irked many reporters, who felt the tight control eliminated any news value.

Not sure how Greener ended up working with (for?) Andy Yates at Red Dome, but no doubt with his buddy Manafort facing an extended jail term, he's probably low-profiling it for the time being:

Bill Greener is has more than 30 years in the communications and political consulting fields, he has set the standard for uncovering solutions while developing a reputation for putting together winning strategies when communications is the key to victory in a political arena. He has an extensive background in dealing with situations that involve balancing public opinion, public policy and political considerations. In addition to his work with Red Dome Group.

In the 1986 election cycle, Greener was the Deputy Chief of Staff for political operations at the Republican National Committee (RNC), where he was responsible for directing the communications and political divisions, the operating arms of the RNC. Prior to holding this position, he spent three years as Communications Director for the RNC.

And that is where suppressing the African-American vote comes into play. See if this sounds familiar:

But a Louisiana state judge ruled that the program was singling out blacks, and issued a preliminary injunction last month preventing registrars from purging voters' names. And--after Democrats filed a $10-million lawsuit, charging that the program was an attempt to "harass, intimidate and improperly challenge" blacks--lawyers for the Republican National Committee agreed Monday in federal court in Newark, N.J., to stop the mailings and not to challenge voters at the polls.

"This clearly shows the hypocrisy of their alleged efforts to reach out to black and minority voters," said Terry Michael, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. "It wasn't an effort to go after ghost voters. It was clearly an effort to hold down black votes."

William Greener III, deputy chief of staff for political operations for the Republican National Committee, angrily denies those charges, saying the program was a legitimate effort to ferret out voter fraud.

"I'm really righteously indignant about this," Greener said. "Voter fraud is the Democrats' dirty little secret. . . . Republicans are trying to register young voters, and Democrats are trying to keep dead voters on the rolls."

It was bad, even worse than some of the crap Jay DeLancey has tried here. Memos circulated which Greener read (intently, I'm sure) predicted that up to 80,000 black voters could be struck from the rolls, in Louisiana alone. It took a $10 million lawsuit to force Republicans to abandon that project.