Red America, we have a problem.

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Last Wednesday as I was heading home from work, I saw a “Colbert 08″ bumper sticker. Keep in mind, this is in a small rural town in North Carolina. That is when I knew Colbert has really reached out to the masses.

I am beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that more people than I realized, or hoped, are now becoming political active… maybe. Colbert Nation, Daily Show, and Bill Maher all have growing audiences. In traditional media, Keith Olbermann, Anderson Cooper are getting more traction. Lou Dobbs has been trashing the Bush administration for the past three years and it gets worse every night (well, so does Bush). Even Joe Scarborough is cutting Bush no slack as he continuously goes for Bush’s throat.

Then there is social media. On Technorati, “Bush,” and “war” have been on the top tags list for years and YouTube is now the defacto place to go for candidate announcements, ads and user created mash-ups. (Bash-ups?)

Either way, we now may be living in a true Colbert Nation.


Me too,

I'm still stunned by the number of people who agree to a Daily Show interview who seem to have no clue that they are being made fun of or even what the show is. Indeed, one couldn't effectively make fun of them if they knew what was going on.

Explains something about number of Americans still supporting W.