Reaping what they sow

Via Ex:
Just got my NC Justice Center email update and with it another reminder that the politicians who are using anti-immigrant rhetoric to win votes are playing with fire.
So, when the General Assembly gets around to debating all those immigration bills that are sure to surface this year, would someone please wave this newspaper article at the sponsors and ask them if they're happy now?

From the Char-O story Immigration furor boosts Klan chapters in Carolinas:

The Ku Klux Klan's once-diminishing numbers are increasing as the group exploits fears over illegal immigration, according to organizations that track hate groups.

The Imperial Wizard of the Mount Holly-based chapter of the Klan in Gaston County says he has not seen membership grow so fast since the 1960s, when he joined.

"People are tired of this mess," said Virgil Griffin, 62. "The illegal immigrants are taking this country over."



is the single biggest reason I havent placed a foot in the Richardson camp.

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"Keep the Faith"

it is my view

and I think the quote backs it up, that the fight over immigration is nothing more than out and out racism. I therefore put Richardsons' chances at slim to none, but I think that is a very bad thing.

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"Keep the Faith"

I know!

I wrote about it last week.

Richardson, is pro civil union, pro energy independence (check out his work on this!), and so many other things. His heritage and ethnicity make me think maybe he won't be a darling of the Klan...

Scrutiny Hooligans -

a couple of weeks ago

I said that if it wasnt for racism I would be waffling between Edwards and Richardson right now.
Sadly, I dont think America is ready to dump racism quite yet.

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"Keep the Faith"